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Black Flash ( (こく) (せん) Kokusen?) is the forty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Aoi take over the fight against Hanami. Aoi instructs Yuji to unleash a technique known as "Black Flash". Mastering this move will allow Yuji to grow stronger than ever before!

Plot Details

Aoi takes Yuji with unlocking the power of Black Flash.

Momo uses her broom to fly Toge and Noritoshi's unconscious bodies away from the battlefield. While carrying both the boys away, Momo admits she's surprised how they ended up in this condition considering their strength while also commenting about them being heavy. She decides to put her faith in Aoi because she believes if nothing else, he's strong.

Meanwhile, Aoi and Yuji make a dynamic entry to save Maki and Megumi from Hanami. Megumi tries to warn Yuji of Hanami's strength, but Aoi calls out to Panda, who suddenly appears. He asks Panda to take Megumi and Maki away while he and Yuji keep Hanami busy. Megumi pleads to convince them to re-think this, but Yuji assures Megumi that it'll be okay.

Yuji takes on Hanami!

Aoi notices that Megumi can see Yuji beginning to grow as well. Megumi tells Yuji he'll kill him if he dies again and then Panda takes Megumi and Maki away. As Yuji prepares to fight, Aoi declares that he won't intervene until Yuji uses Black Flash. If Yuji is unable to use this secret technique, Aoi is prepared to watch Yuji die.

Hanami takes note of Aoi's strength but believes he's still weaker than himself. Yuji asks Hanami if there is a patch-faced cursed spirit in his group and Hanami hints that it's possible. Angry, Yuji creates a giant splash of water by hitting the river and throws rocks through it. Hanami ignores them and spots Yuji closing the distance. He attempts to counter Yuji with a wooden ball but the jujutsu student speeds past it and lands a flurry of kicks. Hanami admits he's faster than Maki but is disappointed by his strength.

"Thank you so much! Best Friend Todo!"

By holding back, Yuji gains an opening on Hanami because he's underestimating his opponent. Yuji nearly unleashes the Black Flash, but his anger over how curses have affected his friends causes a momentary lapse in focus. After landing a pointless hit, Yuji retreats and Aoi punishes him for not concentrating properly. Aoi tells his new friend that he must suppress his anger and drown out all distractions.

Black Flash!

Thanks to his new best friend's advice, Yuji readies himself to unleash the Black Flash. Black Flash is released when a jujutsu sorcerer applies cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. There is no sorcerer that can use it at will and those who have used it have an infinitely better understanding of cursed energy than those who have not.

Yuji stares with such intense focus that he begins to droll. Just as his saliva hits the ground, Yuji blitzes by Hanami and strikes him with cursed energy that flashes black: Black Flash! Hanami is surprised by the strength of the hit while Aoi is happy to see that Yuji was able to pull it off.

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