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Cursed Tools ( (じゅ) () Jugu?) is the forty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Maki joins the battle and fights against the special grade cursed spirit, Hanami, with the special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud! Megumi backs her up but Hanami has tricks of his own to counter them. Before the situation becomes any dire, an unexpected duo comes to the rescue.

Plot Details

Special Grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud!

Cursed tools are weapons in which curses dwell, and they are ranked on the same scale as jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits. Before the Goodwill Event, Maki gave Megumi an especially strong cursed tool worth at least five hundred million yen. The higher the rank of a cursed tool, the higher the advantage in battle.

Maki wields the special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud. With a single strike, Maki breaks through Hanami's guard and strikes the branch on his face. The impact sends Hanami flying away from the building they were fighting on. Hanami is able to quickly recover and regain his footing in the forest away from the building. As he heals his arm, Hanami admits that Maki's attack wasn't bad.

Megumi's black hound gains the abilities of its fallen brother.

From the shadows of the forest, Megumi summons Divine Dog: Totality! When the white Divine Dog was killed, it's energy was left behind and inherited by the other, allowing it to take a much more powerful form. It's speed takes Hanami off guard and it's easily able to slash away at Hanami's defensive arm with its claws.

Maki rushes Hanami from the rear but he's able to block her attack before it strikes the branch in his eye socket. However, he's surprised to see she's attacking with Megumi's sword and is struck from behind by Megumi wielding Playful Cloud. The jujutsu sorcerer duo quickly trade weapons and simultaneously strike Hanami. Their attack is successful and cuts away at Hanami's weak point, but Megumi's torso is infected by a Cursed Sprout.

Yuji and Aoi join the fight!!

Maki's arm is stabbed by a wooden spear but Hanami admits her reaction time is what stopped it from piercing her heart. Hanami claims jujutsu sorcerers are full of openings when their allies are hurt. Due to the Cursed Sprout, Megumi's Divine Dog: Totality dispels as well. Mai attempts to strike down Hanami but he avoids it. Hanami admits Maki has good attacks but adds that she isn't as sharp as before due to her wounds. He strikes her aside and wraps her with a branch emerging from the water where he stands. As Hanami lifts Maki up by her neck while she barely defends, Megumi prepares to use jujutsu no matter what to save Maki.

However, Maki tells Megumi to stop because its time to tag out. Hanami is nearly crushed by a new presence but he manages to avoid two new jujutsu sorcerers that rescue Maki and force Hanami back. Ready to fight, its none other than Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo!

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