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Time ( () (かん) Jikan?) is the forty-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The jujutsu students are faced with the unprecedented threat that is Hanami. As their strategy to keep the curse at bay slowly crumbles, Megumi and the others must face the special grade cursed spirit head-on.

Plot Details

The Kyoto Principal readies himself to fight the curse user.

Utahime and Principal Gakuganji pass through the curtain cast around the school. The former notices the presence of special grade curses. Juzo surprises her as he walks down the stairs to greet them. He demands to know where Satoru Gojo is and Gakuganji notices that Juzo is a pretty skilled curse user.

Juzo realizes that he was tricked by the other curse users and Gakuganji volunteers to deal with him. He asks Utahime to go on ahead but Juzo protests because he would rather make something from a woman's corpse than an old man's. Insulted, Gakuganji takes out his electric guitar and prepares for battle. Juzo isn't intimidated and demands the rotting geezer come back after he fixes his hollow bones.

Toge fails to stop Hanami from countering Nue.

Elsewhere, Megumi, Noritoshi, and Toge flee from a mass of wood branches created by Hanami. Toge drinks cough syrup to soothe is throat as Hanami emerges from the branches and attacks with wood balls that have sharp wooden spears protrude from them suddenly. Toge is able to stop them in time with his cursed speech and Noritoshi follows up with Convergence: Piercing Blood, which fires a speeding blood bullet at Hanami's face. This time, Noritoshi is able to hurt Hanami, surprising Megumi.

Toge continues to use cough syrup to heal his throat while Noritoshi mulls over their strategy. Toge is able to stop Hanami and his attacks, allowing Megumi and Noritoshi to gain distance before attacking. However, they cannot keep up this strategy for long as his cursed speech is becoming less effective. The priority is to find Todo or any other jujutsu sorcerer to help them.

Hanami beats Noritoshi into the ground.

Nue circles around the building as Megumi's group runs across the roof. He promises Nue that Toge will stop Hanami and sends Nue into battle. Unfortunately, Toge's throat suddenly gives out due to Hanami's superior power at that moment. Hanami stabs Nue and immediately pummels Noritoshi into the ground. Another trio of wooden spheres threaten to piece Noritoshi but Megumi grabs him out of the way in time.

Maki enters the battle with a powerful new weapon!

As Hanami approaches Megumi, he prepares to summon another shikigami while Nue fades away. Toge stops Megumi and takes responsibility as his senpai. He confronts Hanami directly and without fear, commands Hanami to Blast Away! The strength of Toge's cursed speech puts him over his limit and he collapses, however, it successfully hits Hanami with enough concussive force to blast him across the roof.

While Hanami recovers from the impact, he notices Maki's presence behind him and claims he can't be cut with such a sword. Maki slashes Hanami with Miwa's sword but it breaks. Megumi quickly follows up by slashing the left branch within Nanami's eye socket, which Megumi has deduced to be his weakness. Hanami claims that Megumi's sword is strong but the jujutsu student responds by revealing something even better. He gives Maki a powerful cursed tool which she claims doesn't feel quite right.

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