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Sage ( (けん) (じゃ) Kenja?) is the forty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Goodwill Event is interrupted by the appearance of cursed spirits and curse users alike. They form a curtain around the area built specifically to keep Gojo out. Meanwhile, Megumi, Toge, and Nortoshi are faced with Hanami, who claims to be the planet's wrath personified.

Plot Details

A curtain that lets everyone through except for Satoru Gojo.

Inside the viewing room where both the Tokyo and Kyoto staff are located, all the talisman suddenly burn Tokyo Red. This is the default color if a third party exorcised the associated curses.

Gojo makes a joke about it but the other sorcerers realize there is an intruder on campus. While Yaga goes to check on Master Tengen's barrier, Gojo, Gakuganji, and Utahime go and rescue the students. Mei Mei is tasked with remaining in the room and utilizing the crows to find the students.

Hanami blitzes Megumi and Noritoshi.

At the same time, the curse user, Juzo, casts a curtain over Tokyo Jujutsu High. Gojo and the others aren't able to make it in time before the curtain fully forms.

Gojo plans to tear the curtain apart. However, this curtain was made specifically to keep Gojo out at the cost of allowing all other sorcerers in. Gojo surmises there is a curse user inside with a fair amount of info on Jujutsu High. Gakuganji and Utahime head inside to rescue the students from danger.

"Thou shalt become a Sage through death."

Megumi recognizes Hanami as the cursed spirit that attacked Gojo. Noritoshi notices the curtain surrounding them and Toge suggests that they contact Gojo quickly. However, just as Megumi is about to call, Hanami swiftly attacks.

Toge stops Hanami's movements long enough for Noritoshi to attack, but his Slicing Exorcism does little damage to the special grade. Nue strikes Hanami from above and Megumi follows up by slashing the curse's legs with a sword.

Hanami begins to speak and the boys can understand the meaning of his words despite the foreign language. Hanami claims that he wants to protect the planet from humans and asks the foolish children to stop fighting. He believes the planet needs time without humans and declares that the ones before him can become a sage through death.

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