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Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event - Team Battle, Part 11 ( (きょう) () () (まい) (こう) (こう) (りゅう) (かい) - (だん) (たい) (せん) ⑪- Kyōto shimai-kō kōryū-kai -dantai-sen ⑪-?) is the forty-forth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Pressured to become the heir of the Kamo Family to protect his mother, Noritoshi believes he and Megumi are similar. Megumi rejects this and everything the sorcerer families believe in, desiring to save Yuji no matter what. Their ideologies and cursed techniques clash until an unexpected enemy rears it's ugly head.

Plot Details

"Then let's agree... to curse each other!

Noritoshi was born to a cruel father who could not get his rightful wife to give birth to a son who possessed Blood Manipulation. In order to make sure the Kamo Family had an heir, Noritoshi's mother became a mistress who gave birth to a son that could become the rightful air. In order to protect his mother, Noritoshi is determined to act as the true heir.

Megumi and Noritoshi continue to duel at close range but Megumi's second tonfa is broken by his opponent's enhanced strength. Noritoshi expresses happiness because Megumi is growing in power but the first-year doesn't understand why they're acting familiar. Noritoshi believes the two of them will be pillars that support the sorcerer families but Megumi claims he has no connection to the Zenins.

Megumi unleashes Max Elephant against Noritoshi.

Noritoshi openly reveals that he plans to kill Yuji of his own will. He believes that Megumi should understand because they're the same. Megumi rejects this notion and declares that he only believes in his own conscience. Despite what anyone thinks, Megumi will save people and if Noritoshi disagrees than they should only agree to curse each other!

One of the toad's appears behind Noritoshi, but it's just a decoy to buy Megumi time. While his opponent is distracted, Megumi uses a large amount of cursed energy to summon a shikigami that was just recently submitted: Max Elephant! Noritoshi tries to act first but he's blasted out of the temple by a torrent of water fired from Max Elephant's trunk. While Noritoshi is swept into mid-air, Megumi calls upon Nue to strike him down.

Megumi and Noritoshi's battle is interrupted by an enemy attack.

Noritoshi is reminded of his mother's struggle and refuses to give up. He throws a blood pack at Nue and restrains it using Blood Manipulation: Crimson Binding. Both boys land on the ground below and rush each other with no intention of submitting to the other. However, they're interrupted by the sudden appearance of a large mass of wooden branches.

Megumi notices Toge evading the branches and the second-year immediately uses cursed speech to tell both the boys to run away. This forces Megumi and Noritoshi to dodge the wooden spikes attempting to strike them.

Just outside the battlefield, curse user Juzo sets up a talisman and calls upon a curtain to cover the area. As the curtain begins to form, the crazed curse user gets excited to start making a hanger rack.

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