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Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event - Team Battle, Part 3 ( (きょう) () () (まい) (こう) (こう) (りゅう) (かい) - (だん) (たい) (せん) ③- Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai -Dantai-sen ③-?) is the thirty-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Tokyo Team is able to figure out that the Kyoto Team's scheme. Megumi and Maki make their way back to protect Yuji, confronting their Kyoto rivals for trying to kill him. Meanwhile, Aoi realizes Yuji's potential and decides to help take him to the next level.

Plot Details

"Come out and plaaaay!"

Prior to Megumi and Maki's clash with Noritoshi and Kasumi, the Tokyo Team noticed something off about their Kyoto opponents. Panda realizes that the entire Kyoto Team is moving around Yuji and Megumi's Divine Dog doesn't detect the grade 2 curse in that area. Megumi quickly surmised that the Kyoto Team are trying to kill Yuji, much to his displeasure.

Nobara asked why the Kyoto students would do that and Panda explained Principal Gakuganji is the type of man to give that order. The Kyoto sorcerers don't know Yuji and to them, Sukuna's vessel is just an object of fear, like any other curse that must be exorcised. Maki decided to head back to Yuji with Megumi while Panda and Nobara do the same. Despite initially refusing, Toge accepted the task of hunting down the grade 2 cursed spirit so the event will end as soon as possible.

Yuji adapts to Aoi's fighting style.

In the present, Panda and Nobara confront Momo after she's shot down by Nue's electric shock wings. At the same time, Noritoshi doesn't refute the idea of killing Yuji, although he does suggest there is no reason to kill him. However, Megumi knows the big three Sorcerer Families have every reason to kill Yuji.

Meanwhile, Yuji continues his duel with Aoi. Yuji shows his toughness as well as his battlefield awareness, able to momentarily overpower Aoi using the forest to his advantage. Aoi notices that Yuji is able to think ahead and to top it all off his raw power is incredible. However, Aoi is disappointed with Yuji's Divergent Fist.

Aoi asks Yuji is he's content with being weak.

Aoi begins screaming about how Yuji's technique is all wrong and Maki is able to hear him from her face off with Kasumi. The Kyoto student realizes that Aoi is the reason Yuji is still alive. She apologizes for attacking Yuji but claims that her remorse won't stop her from trying to win the event. Kasumi wants to be noticed by higher-ranked sorcerers so she can be promoted and earn a higher wage for her poor family. Maki is surprised by Kasumi's nice demeanor and asks how she gets along with Mai. Despite this, Maki promises not to hold back.

Aoi tells Yuji that his Divergent Fist holds him back. He says that as long as Yuji remains satisfied with that attack, he'll remain weak and their friendship will end. Yuji refuses to remain weak and accepts Aoi's challenge, exciting the third-year.

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