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Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event - Team Battle, Part 2 ( (きょう) () () (まい) (こう) (こう) (りゅう) (かい) - (だん) (たい) (せん) ②- Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai -Dantai-sen ②-?) is the thirty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In an unexpected turn of events, Aoi takes a special liking to Yuji. Convinced they're best friends, Aoi even throws his own team's plan to kill Yuji. Meanwhile, Megumi and the others begin to go after their Kyoto rivals in order to protect Yuji as well.

Plot Details

"Tall girls... with big butts."

Confused, Yuji asks Aoi why the latter would inquire about his type at a time like this. Aoi replies by telling Yuji to stop fussing because he's just trying to get a sense of his opponent. Despite his confusion, Yuji answers that he likes tall girls with big butts, exactly like Aoi. This sparks a memory within Aoi's mind of a time that never actually happened.

Aoi recalls he and Yuji talking during middle school about his crush on Takada-chan. However, Aoi gets turned down but Yuji is there to cheer him up by offering to buy ramen. This memory draws tears from Aoi's eyes as he reveals that he and Yuji are now best friends.

The Kyoto Team tries to take Yuji's life.

Momo watches them both from above and confirms Yuji's position. Her classmates surround Yuji and try to strike him down with their jujutsu. It doesn't take long for Yuji to realize that they're trying to kill him. Aoi uses his cursed technique to swap everyone's positions and immediately attacks Noritoshi. He forces his classmates to retreat and demands Yuji fight him one on one.

Megumi uses Nue to take Momo off guard and knocks her out of the sky. Maki and Megumi ambush Noritoshi's team while they're retreating. Maki takes on Kasumi while Megumi clashes with Noritoshi. Megumi decides to ask Noritoshi directly if the Kyoto students are trying to murder Yuji.

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