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Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event - Team Battle, Part 0 ( (きょう) () () (まい) (こう) (こう) (りゅう) (かい) - (だん) (たい) (せん) ⓪- Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai -Dantai-sen ⓪-?) is the thirty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Both sides meet in preparation for the Goodwill Event. While the Tokyo Team figures out how to incorporate Yuji into the squad, the Kyoto Team plans on killing him! Meanwhile, Satoru meets with Utahime to discuss a possible mole within Jujutsu High.

Plot Details

Tokyo Team meeting.

While punishing Gojo using an armbar-like wrestling hold, Principal Yaga explains the rules of this year's annual Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event. The first event is the Team Battle Spirit Bash Race, where the Tokyo and Kyoto teams students will compete against each other to exorcise a grade 2 spirit and all other lower grade cursed spirits within the enclosed area.

At the Tokyo Team meeting, Nobara punishes Yuji for not telling his friends he survived. Panda and Toge defend Yuji, confusing the first year due to their unique characteristics. Panda and Megumi both explain to Yuji that Toge talks funny because he limits his vocabulary to avoid cursing people accidentally. Immediately after, Maki demands Slaughter Demon back from Yuji. However, Yuji broke Slaughter Demon in his fight with a cursed spirit. Nervous, he decides to lie and say Gojo sensei still has it, leaving Maki to be annoyed.

"If it comes down to a brawl without cursed energy... Itadori would win."

The second-years ask Yuji about his abilities to they can plan accordingly. Megumi reveals that if the competition comes down to a brawl without cursed energy, Itadori would win, surprising Maki and the boys. Maki knows that Megumi has fought Aoi before, meaning his word is legit.

At the Kyoto Team meeting, Principal Gakuganji demands that his students kill Sukuna's vessel. He instructs them to do so using cursed energy so he won't be able to resurrect. Aoi is disinterested in the meeting and decides to leave but Noritoshi tells him to stop. However, Aoi tells everyone they have crappy taste in women and he doesn't care about their schemes. He leaves after warning everyone including the Principal that he'll kill them if they try telling him what to do.

"We will all attack Yuji Itadori!"

Momo, Mai, and Kasumi plan on using Todo to go after the Tokyo Team but Noritoshi demands that the entire team attack Yuji in full force. Momo suggests that's a bad idea if Toge is with Yuji, as his cursed speech can take them all out at once. Noritoshi has a plan to counter Toge and Mai demands to take on Maki and Nobara, prompting Noritoshi to comment that she's acting like Aoi.

The Tokyo Team ready for the event to commence.

Meanwhile, Gojo meets with Utahime to discuss a possible traitor at Jujutsu High. He asks Utahime to investigate the Kyoto campus and when she asks how he's sure she isn't the mole, Gojo claims it's because she's too weak. This causes Utahime to become angry with Gojo and throws her cup of tea at him.

After the team meetings, Megumi meets up with Yuji to talk to him. He can tell that Yuji's been through something, seeing right through his happy demeanor. Yuji admits that something happened, referring to Junpei's death, but claims that it's okay because he doesn't want to lose anymore. Megumi agrees that he doesn't want to lose either. Nobara adds that Megumi got beat up recently and that she'll clean up the other team. Maki tells her to knock it off, which Panda and Toge agree with. Inspired to win, Yuji tells the team to go out and win, but Maki doesn't appreciate him trying to take charge.

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