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Introspection ( (はん) (せい) Hansei?) is the thirty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of Mahito's battle with Yuji and Nanami, he returns to his allies and forges a new plot to revive Sukuna. Meanwhile, jujutsu students from Tokyo and Kyoto prepare for the Goodwill Event. Satoru and Yuji make a plan to surprise everyone that goes horribly wrong.

Plot Details

Mahito and Jogo relaxing in the mountains.

Deep in the mountains at a natural hot spring, Jogo enjoys smoking his pipe until a naked Mahito jumps into one of the pools of hot water and splashes him. Geto notices Mahito's lack of cursed energy and the latter explains his run-in with a new toy and Sukuna's vessel.

Mahito admits to Jogo that he understands the value of Sukuna to their cause and both of them confirm they're willing to bring him back no matter what. Geto plans on using Jujutsu High to gather all the fingers so that their group can steal them.

The Kyoto Team.

Gojo meets with Nanami in the staff room at the school. Nanami says that Yuji could use some lightening up after the "tough mission" they were sent on. It was worse than Gojo had intended and Nanami decided not to tell Yuji about the finger at the Yoshino house. Yuji arrives and is very excited to return to school.

Gojo tells Yuji they should surprise everyone and they both get excited to put together a plan. Nanami looks on believing that Yuji being alive would be more than enough for a surprise.

Megumi and Nobara are less than happily surprised by Yuji's return.

At the Tokyo campus, Nobara arrives with her luggage because she believes they're all headed to Kyoto. However, Maki, Megumi, Panda and Toge are all empty-handed. Panda explains the Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event is a competition with Kyoto in Tokyo. Nobara gets mad at the second-years for winning but Maki explains that Yuta Okkotsu was the only one who competed and apparently dominated the competition.

The Kyoto students arrive and Aoi is disappointed not to see Yuta. Nobara ask them to hand over souvenirs, confusing Aoi. Momo is afraid and Mechamaru tells her to relax since the Tokyo Team has a handicap with two first-years. Noritoshi tells his teammates not to underestimate Megumi since he's a Zenin, suggesting he's more fit to head the family than Mai or Maki.

Gojo taunts Principal Gakuganji about Yuji's fate.

Utahime arrives and tells the students to stops squabbling. She's disappointed to see that Gojo is late and he arrives right on cue. He gives out souvenirs to the Kyoto Team and presents Yuji's return to the Tokyo Team. However, Megumi and Nobara are so shocked that they appear unhappy to see him. The Kyoto Team is only interested in the souvenirs Gojo gave them, completely spoiling Yuji's surprise.

Principal Gakuganji is horrified to see Yuji, which Gojo taunts him about. At the same time, Nobara demands for Yuji say something in defense of himself. She's a bit flustered and Yuji apologizes for not telling them he was alive sooner.

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