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Tomorrow (また明日 (あした) Mata Ashita?) is the thirty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of the battle against Mahito, the cursed spirit escapes and Yuji's injuries are treated. Nanami talks with him about what it means to die a natural death after Yuji is upset by his prior actions. Elsewhere, the effects of Junpei's downfall are felt at his own school.

Plot Details

Yuji attempts to finish off Mahito.

Mahito falls to his knees injured and bleeding out. Instantly, a chain of related thoughts flow through Yuji's head and he realizes this his best opportunity to end Mahito. He rushes towards the injured curse with the intent to kill him. Mahito knows that the Domain Expansion was his last resort and despite this Sukuna was able to repel him. In order to avoid death, Mahito mutates his body into a tall, bloated form.

Presented with a larger target, Yuji confidently strikes Mahito's body with a Divergent Fist filled with pure killing intent. However, this form of Mahito pops like a balloon made of air. Nanami realizes Mahito is fleeing and chases him down until he finds the curse escaping into the sewers.

"Unlike the body, the soul can be killed multiple times."

Nanami immediately calls Ino and asks him to intercept Mahito in the sewers. He intends on joining him, but Yuji falls unconscious from his injuries, angry with himself as he passes out. Meanwhile underground, Mahito realizes how powerful the presence of Sukuna's soul is. He's confident that despite whatever happens to him, the return of Sukuna will signal an advent for all cursed spirits.

Mahito is consumed with thoughts of revenge on Yuji, but quells them for now. He decides he'll torture Yuji's soul further in the future. Sometime later, Yuji is treated for his injuries and recovers in a remote house with Nanami. Instead of lecturing Yuji, Nanami chooses to thank him. Yuji doesn't believe he saved Nanami and claims it was accidental because of Sukuna.

Nanami acknowledges Yuji as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Yuji is still upset because he killed those ex-humans and now he's unsure how he can help people die natural deaths. Nanami believes that most people are neither good nor evil and all deaths come to all people differently. Trying to prevent people's wicked deaths is tiring and Nanami doesn't recommend it. Even so, Nanami knows Yuji will continue trying and asks that he doesn't die on the way. There will be people who need to rely on Yuji just as Nanami did today.

Where the fall of Junpei's heart began.

Nanami says that Yuji is a jujutsu sorcerer now and Yuji realizes that Nanami has accepted him. At Junpei's school, Sotomura meets with Shota Ito. He surmises that Ito gave Junpei his scar but the student tries to brush it off. Sotomura tells Ito this is his punishment and the student replies that the teacher deserves the same for ignoring it all this time. Sotomura agrees and admits that they both deserve to be punished for ruining Junpei's heart.

Meanwhile, Yuji meets back up with Gojo and Nanami. He still doesn't know what it means to die naturally, but he decides not to lose again until he kills Mahito.

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