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Selfishness ( (わが) (まま) Wagamama?) is the thirtieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Facing certain death at the hands of Mahito's Domain Expansion, Nanami recalls his past after he left Jujutsu High. He was a personal banker who looked after rich people's money, and never truly helped anyone. Only after doing a small service to a young girl using his powers did Nanami realize his place in the world. With that gratitude lifting any uncertainty from his soul to this day, Nanami is ready to die with no regrets...

Plot Details

Inside Mahito's Domain Expansion, Nanami is literally in the palm of his opponent's hand.

Yuji Itadori is standing on the outside, Nanami is trapped with Mahito inside a giant black sphere. Inside, Nanami knows he's stuck inside Mahito's Domain. He surmises that Mahito's cursed technique has a condition where he must touch someone while in his base form. However, inside Mahito's Domain, Nanami is literally in the palm of his opponent's hand.

After graduating from Jujutsu High, Nanami initially quit because he thought the notion of accepting your comrade's sacrifice was moronic.

The girl from the bakery shows Nanami true gratitude.

Back when this happened, Nanami would visit the bakery for his favorite bread where he was friendly with the young lady behind the counter. He notices a small curse on her shoulders and decided it was harmless enough and not worth risking exposing himself.

At work, Nanami was unhappy with his co-workers only concern with money over all else. Four years after leaving Jujutsu High, all Nanami focused on was money as well.

"I told you... there wouldn't be a second time."

While visiting the bakery again, he learned the girl has had trouble sleeping just like him, due to the weight on her shoulders. Nanami was never the type to be concerned about his place in the world, but he did feel his line of work didn't help anyone.

The bakery helped people, and so Nanami decided to exorcise the curse bothering the girl. He told her to see a doctor if anything else were to happen and she thanks him emphatically. Afterwards, Nanami called Satoru Gojo and decided to return to Jujutsu High. Thanks to the girl, Nanami now know true gratitude.

The fight against Mahito concludes!

Back in the present, Mahito thanks Nanami for helping him realize his new powers. Nanami tells Mahito to keep his appreciation, as he's already received enough for his lifetime. Nanami removes his sunglasses and accepts his fate, but Yuji suddenly bursts into the Domain.

Entering a Domain is fairly easy compared to getting out of one. Anyone inside is trapped and at the mercy of the caster. However, in this case, Yuji is an exception. While entering the Domain, Mahito automatically attempts to touch Yuji's soul, angering Sukuna. Sukuna reminds Mahito that there wouldn't be a second warning and slices two deep gashes into Mahito's torso, destroying the Domain.

A being like Sukuna couldn't care less if Mahito or Nanami survived this encounter. Sukuna truly only cares for himself, with the only exception being an interest in Megumi. With his Domain shattered and his body severely injured, Mahito falls to his knees.

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