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Growth ( (せい) (ちょう) Seichō?) is the twenty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The battle against Mahito rages on as Nanami joins in. Initially, Mahito is confident he can deal with Nanami while keeping Yuji busy. However, Mahito underestimates their strength and is backed into a corner. Inspired by the thrill of possibly dying, Mahito reaches the apex of his dark abilities.

Plot Details

"We need to exorcise him. Right here. Right now."

Nanami arrives to join the fight against Mahito. He decides to forgo lecturing Yuji for now and asks for a simple status update. Saddened, Yuji admits he was unable to save Junpei or his mother. Nanami notices Yuji is always thinking of others and clarifies, again asking how Yuji is doing. Yuji brushes off his injuries as just a few holes and tells Nanami that a bunch of students and staff are unconscious in the gym.

Mahito expresses his joy to see Nanami once again. Nanami ignores him and notices that his nose is bleeding. He asks Yuji how this happened and he reveals he injured Mahito with a punch at the start of their fight. Nanami asks if Mahito was able touch Yuji, which he also confirms. Straightforward as usual, Nanami flat out admits that his attacks have zero effect on Mahito, shocking Yuji.

Mahito attempts to keep his opponents at bay.

Nanami surmises that Mahito is either unable to use his ability on Yuji or has a reason not to kill him. Either way, Nanami sees this as an advantage. He tells Yuji that despite being unable to harm Mahito, he can still stifle his movements. The sorcerer duo agree to work together to create openings for each other by attacking relentlessly.

Mahito creates an eye on his hand to watch Yuji while he mainly focuses on taking out Nanami. While trading blows, Mahito shifts his body into a spiked form with several needles spreading outward. However, the shamans parry his attack and nearly strike him before Mahito escapes by shrinking his body.

Mahito gets inspiration from his impending death.

Weary of Yuji's brute strength, Mahito regurgitates transfigured humans and orders them to kill the kid. Mahito believes that Yuji won't kill ex-humans and uses the time to pin Nanami up against the wall.

The mutants chase Yuji onto the roof where they attack him. He doesn't want to fight back and is disheartened when one of the ex-humans ask him to kill them. Mahito plans on pinning Nanami's disfigured body against Yuji next, but these plans won't come to fruition. He claims that Yuji is a fool for being unable to kill but Nanami replies that Mahito is the stupid one.

Domain Expansion!

Suddenly, Yuji appears from the roof, revealing he mercifully killed his adversaries. Yuji lands on Mahito's enlarged hand, freeing Nanami. Nanami quickly gets behind Mahito to strike, but the cursed spirit remains confident he can counter. However, Yuji strikes him with a powerful punch that's quickly followed up by a second strike from Nanami.

On the brink of death, Mahito receives the inspiration he needs to remodel his soul, unleashing his true power. He opens his mouth and four hands within it form the hand seals to activate Domain Expansion. He brings Nanami into his Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection. Nanami knows this is the worst-case scenario and Mahito thanks him for helping unleash this form.

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