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I'm Gonna Kill You! ( (ころ) してやる Koro Shite Yaru?) is the twenty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji vs. Mahito, a fierce battle begins! Unable to depend on Sukuna, Yuji taps into his anger and attacks Mahito with everything he has. Mahito remains confident but finds trouble when he accidentally touches Sukuna's soul. Even so, Mahito manages to inflict brutal wounds on his opponent. Before their battle comes to an abrupt end, Nanami arrives to aid a severely injured Yuji.

Plot Details


Geto told Mahito that Yuji has no regard for his own life and taking a hostage won't work. Instead, Mahito plans to pit Yuji against himself, an unbeatable enemy, so that his rage will give into relying on Sukuna. If Junpei's death isn't enough, Mahito is willing to kill everyone in the school to force Yuji into a Binding Vow in Sukuna's favor.

Mahito's aforementioned strategy assumes that he's stronger than Yuji. However, Mahito feels the pressure of his mortal enemy inside Yuji. Angered more than ever before, Yuji lashes out and tries to strike Mahito. Mahito avoids him by re-shaping his soul to give his body wings.

Mahito changes a more "inspired" form of killing.

Yuji notices how Mahito districts his body and decides not to try and grapple with him. At the same time, Mahito surmises that his best bet isn't to transform his body to give Yuji a bigger target. Yuji decides to continue to strike relentlessly while Mahito takes on a more "inspired" form meant for killing.

Mahito transforms his arm into a mill of blades and slashes apart the immediate area. Yuji is able to avoid it and escapes outside through the hole in the wall created by Mahito's attack.

Sukuna forbids Mahito from touching his soul.

Mahito follows up shifting his arm into a drill for his next weapon. He fires it at Yuji, who avoids the drill head and grabs the flesh connecting it Mahito. Yuji's hands are quickly pierced by thorns that grow from Mahito's flesh. Even so, Yuji doesn't let go and uses his monstrous strength to hurl Mahito through the air before crashing down.

Mahito states that normal people would have let go but Yuji has no time for words. He rushes Mahito and strikes his body with a powerful right hook. However, Mahito ignores the damage and smiles, before creating more spikes from his body that pierce parts of Yuji's abdomen.

"I'm not gonna change... I'm gonna kill you!"

While Yuji is stunned by the attack, Mahito claims that his opponent can't win and demands he switch with Sukuna. He tries to re-shape Yuji's soul with Idle Transfiguration, but Sukuna stops it. The King of Curses tells Mahito to know his place. Mahito is never to touch Sukuna's soul again and Sukuna only lets him off this time because they shared at laugh at Yuji's expense.

Nanami joins the battle!

Since Mahito's attempt to touch Yuji's soul whiffed, it leaves him open to attack. Yuji headbutts him fiercely and declares that he won't switch, promising to kill Mahito himself. While he's stumbling, Yuji follows up with a powerful roundhouse kick. He appears to have the upper hand and nearly capitalizes, but Mahito suddenly gets behind him.

Armed with his hand shapeshifted into a mace, Mahito tries to crush Yuji from behind. Just before Yuji is hit, Nanami's Ratio Technique deflects Mahito's assault.

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