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Inhuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown, Part 34 (人外 (じんがい) () (きょう) (しん) 宿 (じゅく) 決戦 (けっせん) Jingai Makyō Shinjuku Kessen 34?) is the two hundred and sixty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The King of Curses and the Prodigy of the Modern Era battle in their altered forms. This inhuman showdown will be decided in three minutes.

Plot Details

Yuta and Sukuna simultaneously expand their domains, trapping themselves inside a barrier as small as a sports ball in front of Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo. The shrunken Unlimited Void was Satoru Gojo's solution to Sukuna's Malevolent Shrine, having been able to withstand the slashing attacks against its barrier from the outside for three minutes. Yuta was able to perform this feat by doing replacement training with Gojo to improve his barrier techniques, and he was confident he could defeat the exhausted Sukuna in three minutes like his sensei.

To counter this countermeasure, Sukuna also shrunk his domain's range down to the size of Yuta's domain's outer shell, thereby removing the 99 second time limit. With a time limit of three minutes, Yuta resolves to damage Sukuna enough to the point he couldn't maintain Malevolent Shrine, while Sukuna prepares to destroy Unlimited Void so he can then widen his domain's range and kill the remaining sorcerers.

Yuta prepares to use Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue, but is interrupted when Sukuna closes the distance and engages in hand-to-hand combat with him. Surprised that Sukuna could make physical contact with him, Yuta suffers a few hits to the face and realizes that Sukuna can activate domain amplification while his domain is expanded. Sukuna confirms that the sorcerers have no knowledge of what happened inside the domains during his fight with Gojo since Mei Mei's crows couldn't enter them. Meanwhile, a fully manifested Rika cries as she cradles Yuta's original, now lifeless body while calling for him.

The battle between Yuta and Sukuna continues. Gaining some distance from Sukuna, Yuta notes that he can only use Limitless since Rika did not follow him to Gojo's body, and speculates that Sukuna cannot unleash the world-cutting slash with only his right hands, thereby narrowing his options of bypassing Infinity to domain amplification. Despite having the advantage, Yuta misses his punches, allowing Sukuna to counterattack. Although he underwent replacement training with Gojo, Yuta still found it difficult to use Gojo's long limbs and innate technique. Noticing Yuta struggle to control the Limitless technique after he misfires Blue, Sukuna tauntingly asks if he can afford to waste time before punching him away.

Yuta using Blue

Sukuna is caught off-guard by Yuta's strategy.

Having been informed by Kenjaku of Yuta's Copy technique and its conditions, Sukuna correctly presumes that Yuta can only use Limitless in his current state. Realizing that Yuta plans to finish the fight before the duration of Copy ends, Sukuna becomes wary of him using Hollow Technique: Purple. Remembering Gojo lecturing him about his cursed energy control while searching through his memories, Yuta begins the chant for Hollow Purple and makes its hand sign. Before he could finish the incantations, Sukuna grabs his arms to disengage the hand sign before punching him away, not allowing Yuta a single opening to use the technique.

Having led Sukuna to be on guard against Limitless, Yuta uses Blue to pull a voice recorder into the domain. The voice recorder plays Toge Inumaki's voice, who commands Sukuna to not move, paralyzing the surprised King of Curses. As Toge coughs up a large amount of blood, Sukuna realizes that the Cursed Speech command came from the actual user Yuta copied the technique from. With Sukuna immobilized, Yuta finishes chanting the empowered words for Hollow Purple and prepares to fire it at him.

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  • Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Sukuna




  • This chapter was split in two parts and released separately as Gege Akutami couldn't complete the chapter, with only 9 pages released at the time. The second part, consisting of 13 pages, was released 4 weeks later.