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To You Someday (いつかの (きみ) Itsuka no Kimi e?) is the twenty-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Ignoring orders from Nanami and Ijichi, Yuji rushes in to stop Junpei before he throws his life away. After their battle, Yuji extends a helping hand and tries to bring Junpei back to the light. However, Mahito continues to lurk in the background.

Plot Details

Yuji ignores his orders and goes after Junpei.

On the phone, Yuji tells Nanami that he's going in to stop Junpei. Nanami tells Yuji not to make a move and reminds him of their earlier conversation where he told Yuji he's still a child. Nanami believes that the Curtain will still be up by the time Yuji arrives. He asks Yuji to remain on standby until they can regroup.

Inside Mahito's old lair, Nanami and grade 2 sorcerer, Takuma Ino, are surrounded by cursed spirits. Nanami tells Takuma to deal with them and he'll receive a grade 1 recommendation from him. Yuji ignores Nanami's orders and tries to go off by himself. Guilty from the incident that resulted in Yuji's death, Ijichi refuses to allow him to go. Despite his pleads, Yuji goes off alone.

Yuji repels Junpei's Moon Dregs.

Back in the present, Yuji lands a direct hit on one of Junpei's "Moon Dregs", a jellyfish-like shikigami. Junpei tells the jujutsu sorcerer to leave immediately, claiming this has nothing to do with Yuji. Yuji replies that it isn't for Junpei to decide and the latter states that pointlessly saving people isn't how life works.

Yuji appears to be swallowed in the Moon Dregs as Junpei is enraged. The shikigami user states that compassion is all lies and people who deserve to die shouldn't be spared. He begins to walk away, but stops and recalls a conversation with Mahito. The cursed spirit taught Junpei how to create poison from his cursed energy and shape it into a shikigami. He even told Junpei these are skills that would take normal sorcerer years to learn, claiming that Junpei was truly talented.

"Are you saying mother and I... are both cursed by people with heart?"

Suddenly, Yuji reaches out from the pile of Moon Dregs and grabs Junpei's shirt. He throws Junpei out the window, confusing the shikigami user as to why his poison isn't taking effect. Junpei uses the soft body of one of his jellyfish to cushion his landing. Yuji follows close behind and Junpei tries to take advantage by attacking while his opponent is in mid-air.

Junpei attempts to use his shikigami to strike Yuji just as he lands, but the sorcerer breaks the ground apart with his Divergent Fist. Yuji reveals that he has no idea what Junpei has been talking about and claims it's all just nonsense to make himself feel better. Yuji recalls Gojo sensei telling him the best way to beat a shikigami is to go for the user themselves. With a powerful punch packed with cursed energy, Yuji hits Junpei back into the school through a window.

Mahito joins the chaos just as Yuji brings Junpei to his side.

Yuji says he doesn't understand why Junpei is doing this and not to throw his life away. Junpei claims that people don't have hearts but Yuji says he would never say that to his mother. Crying, Junpei says its not fair that he and his mother were cursed by people with hearts. No longer understanding of what is right and wrong, Junpei uses his jellyfish stinger to attack. However, Yuji chooses not to dodge and allows his shoulder to be pierced by the stinger, confusing Junpei.

Yuji tries to calm Junpei and says they can talk as friends. He wants Junpei to come to Jujutsu High so they can find out who cursed his mom together. While Yuji tries to convince Junpei to fight with him, Mahito walks down the stairs and joins the scene.

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