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Narrow-Minded ( () (ろう) (しゅん) () Korōshungu?) is the twenty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Following the tragic death of Junpei's mother, Nagi Yoshino, Junpei is misguided by Mahito and lead down the dark path of revenge. The jujutsu sorcerers continue to monitor him but it might be too late as Junpei falls further into the darkness.

Plot Details

Junpei Yoshino's Mother, Nagi Yoshino, was killed by a cursed spirit that was attracted to the Sukuna finger found on the table.

Mahito leads Junpei down the path of revenge.

Following the incident, Yuji meets back up with Nanami asks to help him fight Mahito next time. Nanami reminds Yuji that he's child and although he doesn't consider this a bad thing, Yuji shouldn't be put in a position to kill. Instead, Nanami asks him to continue monitoring Junpei.

After his mother was killed, Junpei asked Mahito to explain what happened. Mahito tells him that the finger is a cursed object that attracts curses. He claims a human likely paid for a curse to attack Junpei and his mother. He asks Junpei if there's anyone with time and money who resents him. Junpei goes to his mother's closet and grabs the first black pair of clothes he can find.

Mahito puts his evil plan into action.

Junpei goes to his school where Shota Ito is being recognized at an award ceremony. Mahito and Geto watch from the roof of another building. The cursed spirit uses Curtain to keep everyone out but Pseudo-Geto says the Windows will discover it soon.

Mahito's plan is to use Junpei fight Sukuna's Vessel in order to force Yuji into a Binding Vow. Geto is impressed by how level-headed Mahito is compared to Jogo. He decides he wants Jujutsu High to discover the finger that he left at Yoshino's house. Geto leaves but Mahito implores him to stay and watch the demise of foolish children.

Junpei nearly takes Shota's life.

Everyone in the gym other than Shota Ito and Sotomura falls unconscious. Junpei confronts the teacher and reveals the scar on his head before turning his attention to Shota. He asks Shota if he's the one who put the finger in his house but Shota doesn't understand what he's talking about. Suddenly, black markings overtake half of Shota's body and Junpei knocks him to the ground.

Junpei brutalizes Shota and claims he's going to die regardless due to his past crimes. Shota apologizes but Junpei feels no sympathy for him. Yuji bursts into the gym and finds Junpei at the center of this conflict. Horrified, Yuji asks Junpei what in the world he's doing. Junpei turns to him and tells the jujutsu sorcerer to stay out of it.

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