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Young Fish and Revere Punishmet, Part 6 ( (よう) (ぎょ) (さか) (ばち) - (ろく) - Yōgyo to Sakabachi -roku-?) is the twenty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji bonds with Junpei over movies and joins him for dinner with his mother. Meanwhile, both Kento Nanami and Mahito recover from their encounter.

Plot Details

Junpei and Yuji continue their conversation about movies. Junpei explains why he liked the second "Earthworm Man" movie and asks if Yuji likes movies as well. Yuji explains that his circumstances has him watching movies a lot recently but not in a theater.

Mahito survives.

Junpei believes movies are best watched in the theater and Yuji asks to go together in the future. Just as Junpei collects Yuji's contact information, his mother arrives to bring him home. Junpei's mother meets her son's new friend and invites him to dinner.

Meanwhile underground, Mahito escapes the rubble trap created by Nanami. He's pleased with Nanami's tactics and Geto arrives to comment on the duel. Mahito tells Getro that he learned a lot about his own abilities. He's capable of maintaining his soul's shape even if he's crushed and says he can manipulate his cursed energy purely on will alone. Geto asks about Nanami's fate but Mahito isn't sure what happened to him.

Yuji joins Junpei and his mother for dinner.

Above ground, Kiyotaka Ijichi calls Yuji and is surprised to find out he's watching movies at Junpei's house. Afraid that Nanami will scold him for messing up as a manager, Ijichi rushes to pick up Yuji. His worse fears come true as Nanami calls him, but the grade 1 sorcerer asks for assistance from Doctor Ieiri to treat his injuries. Ijichi replies that he'll come right after he picks up Yuji, exposing himself on accident. Nanami yells for a moment before hanging up. He's more focused on the fact that the only reason he escaped the battle with Mahito alive is because he's a child.

Junpei's mother happens upon one of Sukuna's fingers.

Nanami fears that Mahito will continue to enjoy as he grows in power. If he becomes as strong as Jogo, the cursed spirit who fought Satoru, Nanami fears they might not exorcise Mahito before it's too late. Back at Junpei's house, Yuji bonds with Junpei and his mother. Despite Junpei's mother behaving like a drunken fool, Yuji says she's a good person. He shares that he didn't know either of his parents but always had his grandfather.

After Yuji takes the call from Ijichi, Junpei asks if he's a jujutsu sorcerer. Yuji admits he is and Junpei asks if he will ever have to kill anyone. Yuji would rather not kill anyone but he's not so naïve as to believe the choice to kill will never make its way to him. Even so, he fears the day he values life less than he does now, because it could affect how he feels about those important to him.

That night after Yuji leaves, Junpei tells himself that he won't be able to kill because it will stain his soul. He thinks of his mother just as she awakens in the kitchen. She realizes that Yuji left and is perplexed by a finger sitting on her table. Unfortunately, this is one of Sukuna's fingers and it draws a cursed spirit behind her.

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