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Young Fish and Reverse Punishment, Part 5 ( (よう) (ぎょ) (さか) (ばち) - () - Yōgyo to Sakabachi -go-?) is the twenty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The battle between Kento Nanami and Mahito reaches its climax. Just when Mahito believes he's won, the former salaryman gets serious when he begins working overtime. Meanwhile, Yuji begins questioning Junpei about the Kinema Cinema incident.

Plot Details

Mahito uses disfigured ex-human puppets against Nanami.

Earlier in Nanami's bout with Mahito, Nanami is able to avoid Mahito as he transforms small ex-humans into disfigured monsters to attack.

Nanami notices of the being crying out for help and recalls Shoko telling him not to hesitate against them. Mahito apologizes and explains sometimes the disfiguration doesn't kill the victim immediately. Nanami claims this doesn't bother him as he keeps work and emotions separate but Mahito laughs at that response.

Mahito states that he can see Nanami's soul wavering and asks what rank he is. Nanami reveals he's grade 1 and Mahito claims his strength is perfect for experimentation. Mahito rushes past Nanami's guard and touches his right abdomen, instantly injuring it.

Mahito injures Nanami's soul.

Mahito claims the only reason Nanami isn't a mindless puppet is because he's subconsciously guarding his soul with cursed energy. Mahito also claims he increased his own speed by reshaping his soul and transforming his legs into horse-like hooves. With only two or three more strikes to his soul, Mahito states Nanami will no longer be human.

Nanami ignores Mahito's taunt and notices the time. The ex-businessman realizes he's working overtime now and takes off his tie. Mahito takes notice of his opponent's rising cursed energy as Nanami wraps his necktie around his fist.

Nanami starts working overtime.

Mahito surmises that Nanami restricts his energy based on time. The jujutsu sorcerer begins divulging how his cursed technique works and runs toward the wall. Mahito chases him but Nanami knows that he can't fight this curse until he runs out of energy. Instead, Nanami must end the fight in one blow.

Using Ratio Technique: Collapse, Nanami punches the wall of the sewers, exposing a weak point that shatters the environment around him and Mahito. Mahito prepares to dodge but Nanami takes him off guard and cuts off one of his legs. He tells Mahito they'll meet again should they both survive and leaves. As Mahito listens, a piece of the roof above him falls to crush him.

Yuji and Junpei bond over movies.

Meanwhile, Yuji waits with Junpei at his school. Kiyotaka Ijichi is out chasing the second fly head that escaped so Yuji can't reach him. Mahito warned Junpei beforehand to be wary of students wearing a spiral pin. He told him that they're called jujutsu sorcerers but he also added to befriend them if possible. Yuji decides to be outright and asks Junpei if he saw anything weird at the movie theater where his peers died.

Junpei knows he meant Mahito, but doesn't tell him and instead lies. Yuji asks if Junpei can stay anyway and they talk about the movie he went to see. Yuji happened to see the same movie as him while training and they appear to bond over it. In the distance, Pseudo-Geto watches, pleased that someone from their side was able to befriend Sukuna's vessel.

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