Secret Execution ( () (とく) () (けい) Hitoku shikei?) is the second chapter of Akutami Gege's Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Yuuji wakes up in a strange room and is greeted by Satoru, who introduces himself as a teacher at the Magical Technical College. Yuuji quickly discovers he’s tied to his chair, and Satoru explains that his execution has been decided.

Flashback to where Chapter 1 ended, Yuuji tells Megumi everything is fine. Before Megumi can decide if it really is him talking, Satoru shows up and asks where the high-grade cursed object is. After being told he asks Yuuji to switch with Sukuna but to come back in 10 seconds, and says it’s okay because he is “the strongest.” Sukuna attacks, and is unable to do any damage to Megumi.

Right on time, Yuuji re-takes control, only to be knocked out by Satoru. He discusses Yuuji’s calibre and fate under magical law as a host to a curse. Megumi requests that he does something in order to stop Yuuji’s execution, and Satoru accepts.

Back to present day, Satoru informs Yuuji that despite the decision for him to be executed, his sentence has been suspended. Additionally there are 20 fingers like the one Yuuji ate, 6 of them are in the Magical School’s possession, all of them are unbreakable and there aren’t enough shamans to seal them, but if Yuuji dies the curse inside him will die as well. Therefore, Yuuji has the choice to die immediately, or after consuming all 20 charms.

Yuuji briefly visits the members of the occult club in the hospital, explains curses, and reassures that people who can cure Igura are coming. Outside is Satoru who talks to Yuuji about his grandpa, Sukuna’s potential for destruction, and his decision to hunt down the remaining fingers. Already having decided how he’ll die, Yuuji swallows the second finger.

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