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Bye-bye (バイバイ Baibai?) is the one hundred and eighty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Panda is the youngest of three siblings and has always had his brother and sister to look after him. Gorilla never appreciated Panda's weakness but their sister tries to change his perspective. However, due to the damage Panda sustained at the hands of Hajime Kashimo, it may be time for the siblings to say goodbye.

Plot Details

A young Panda is seen being beat up by his brother Gorilla, saying that his defense is full of holes. Panda wallows for his sister's aid, and an angry Triceratops marches over, demanding that Gorilla cease his bullying. Gorilla say that it was part of a game of "weed pulling." With that, Triceratops says that Panda should get a turn next, with Gorilla agreeing. Triceratops tells Panda that even he needs to fight back at times. When Panda goes up to beat up Gorilla, he gets punched in the face by the latter, making him cry even more. Gorilla runs off with Triceratops in hot pursuit.

Later, Panda is seen holding a Santa Claus ball by a river with Gorilla, a tanuki, and a fox. They don't want him following them because Panda can't ride a bike without training wheels. The fox whispers something into the tanuki ears and he tells Panda that he can join under he condition that he can throw his ball into the river. Panda hesitated at first since it was a gift from Santa, but after the fox and tanuki pressured him and Gorilla's grumpy stare, Panda tosses the ball into the river. The tanuki and fox realize that doing so was a crime since it would harm the environment and ran off. Gorilla rudely asks a saddened Panda why he did it, with him replying that he wanted to play with him. Panda cries even more and Triceratops yells at him.

At night before bedtime, Triceratops berates Gorilla for bullying Panda today and he should look out for him as his brother. Gorilla counters this stating that she plays with the other girls and would know the feeling. He says that he can't have fun with Panda around as he holds him back and he always check to see if she's there before he starts crying. Gorilla views him as being too cushy, but Triceratops views this differently. She notes that Panda shrugs off the bad things the next time they meet and he's not one to hold a grudge. She belittles Gorilla by calling him spoiled when Panda forgives him of his transgressions. At that moment, Panda storms into the room with a dorcus titanus beetle and shows it to Gorilla, who quickly throws it out the window.

Before going to sleep, Gorilla open their piggy bank to see if he has enough change to buy a replacement ball for Panda. As he sleeps, he just thinks that an idiot like Panda would be fine with any ball. Then a voice tells him to wake up and when he awakens, he and Triceratops are being carried by a strange ghost-man with a small mustache and sunglasses. He quickly recognizes this figures as their father and asks why they're going and for how long. Their father answers that there's no reason and that it's permanent. At that moment, Panda burst out the house, desperately searching for them. Gorilla tells him to stop with their father telling him to listen. Gorilla cuts in by saying that Panda can't survive without him, since he is terrible at everything, and would get left behind. The father tell him that they're being left behind and not Panda. A confused Gorilla gets defense, wondering if it was about the ball. He said he would by a new one but after a second thought, he realize what it meant and began to cry.

In the real world, Hajime Kashimo stands over the bloodied mess of Panda's corpse. Panda's head remains in tact in a pool of blood and stuffing. Hajime notes that he didn't gain any point, noting that he has not yet killed Panda. He picks up Panda's head with his staff and asks once again about the whereabouts of Sukuna. Panda replies with "a panda's jaw is very tight." Right before Hajime was going to "seal his lips forever", Kinji crashes in, destroying an shipping container in the process. Panda is happy by this and Hajime seems to be annoyed.

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