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Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Part 4 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 2結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ni Koronī 4?) is the one hundred and eighty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Separated from Hakari, Panda is unsure of his next move. As soon as he decides to stop playing it safe and be a panda, he, unfortunately, happens upon none other than Hajime Kashimo.

Plot Details

In the Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Panda sits alone atop a shipping container in a shipyard. Upon smelling the air, he could tell that roughly three people have been dismembered nearby. He also can hardly sense the perpetrator's presence, which might suggest that they can freely activate their curse energy. Panda reviews the plan to find and negotiate with Hana Kurusu. Panda planned to leave the fighting to Kinji but the barrier split them up upon entry. Although Panda must leave the area, he notes that acting rashly will expose him. After a bit more thinking, Panda decides to take off and rolls off the shipping container.

Once he landed, he looks both ways and sighs a breath of relief. However, at that moment, Hajime Kashimo walks. In a split second reaction, Panda "plays panda" by standing on all fours to avert suspicion. At first, Hajime thought that a panda has wandered from the Ueno Zoo. However, Hajime summons a Kogane and asks if that panda was a player, with the latter confirming yes. Panda was surprised to learn that they have that function, but Hajime had quickly charge at Panda and delivered a powerful blow to his torso, ejecting some his stuffing and electrocuting him. Hajime follow up with his staff and knock Panda into a container.

Panda notes that Hajime's cursed energy is similar to Megumi's Nue where both have electrified cursed energy surging through their bodies, making it unblockable. Panda transforms into his Gorilla Mode and strikes Hajime with Unblockable Drumming Beat. Hajime takes a defensive stance and endures the blow. He says that attack wasn't bad but it was good either and follows up by using his staff to tear off Panda's right arm. Hajime throws Panda's dismembered arm into his face, blind sighting him, and approaches from Panda's right. He delivers a flurry of punches into Panda face knocking him into a container. After calling him weak, Hajime asks if he knows about the whereabouts of Sukuna. Panda doesn't know why he's interested in him, but it wouldn't be good for Yuji, so he said he doesn't know. Hajime calls his bluff due to the long pause.

Hajime demands that he spit it out as he'll show mercy. Panda says his uncle goes by that name, and Hajime doesn't appreciate him looking down in him. Panda retorts by saying he's the one looking down and tells him to beware his sister. Panda begins to transform as his head morphs into a giant triceratops skull. In that moment, Hajime charges up his own attack and a lightning bolt appears between them. It seems that all those blows earlier has deposited positive electrical charges into Panda's body while retaining the negative charges within him. Then, a powerful lightning bolt decimate Panda mid-transformation. Hajime once again asks Panda about Sukuna's whereabouts.

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  • This chapter marks the first appearance of Panda's sister core.