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Sendai Colony, Part 4 (仙台結界 (せんだいコロニー) Sendai Koronī 4?) is the one hundred and seventy-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Not only does Yuta have to contend with Takako Uro, but now Ryu Ishigori is imposing his will as well. While Ryu didn't have any regrets in his first life, he was never able to completely satisfy an insatiable hunger that still lingers with him to this day. With an extraordinary fighter in front of him, Ryu wants to see if Yuta can be the dessert he's been longing for.

Plot Details

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Character in Order of Appearances

Battles & Events



Takako Uro's Techniques

  • Sky Manipulation (Unnamed)
    • Thin-Ice Breaker

Ryu Ishigori's Techniques

  • Cursed Energy Discharge
    • Granite Blast