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Sendai Colony, Part 3 (仙台結界 (せんだいコロニー) Sendai Koronī 3?) is the one hundred and seventy-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


By eliminating Dhruv Lakdawalla and Kurourushi, Yuta has completely shattered the deadlock in the Sendai Colony. Takako Uro makes her move against him by utilizing a technique that controls the sky. While also analyzing her attacks, Yuta also tries to understand why someone as strong as Takako would engage in such a desperate battle.

Plot Details

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Character in Order of Appearances

Battles & Events



Takako Uro's Techniques

  • Sky Manipulation (Unnamed)

Ryu Ishigori's Techniques

  • Cursed Energy Discharge
    • Granite Blast