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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 13 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 13?) is the one hundred and seventy-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi comes out on top in his fight against Reggie. While Takaba and Hazenoki finish up their own battle, Megumi receives a visit after concluding his business in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony. Meanwhile, in the Sendai Colony, the Culling Game has grown even more vicious.

Plot Details

Reggie uses his last moments to give Megumi his points.

Reggie lays bleeding out on the ground looking up at Megumi, the man who beasted him. He realizes that the domain and the pool concealed that Megumi could still strike with Divine Dog: Totality. Megumi didn't flee into the gym using Nue, he lured Reggie inside. The sorcerer from the past is embarrassed to have been outsmarted by a much younger modern-day sorcerer. Megumi explains that Nue can't carry people for long and he's had trouble with that before when Nue took Yuji and Ino up Shibuya C Tower.

Megumi inquires as to what Reggie's relationship to Master Tengen is. There isn't much of a relationship, as it takes Reggie a moment to even remember who Tengen is. He only knows that the hermit is immortal and isn't surprised to find out he's still alive in this time. Reggie claims that Tenge's explanation for the Culling Game is a bluff. Megumi has to consider that Tengen could secretly be in league with Kenjaku, but still finds this highly unlikely.

Hazenoki is unable to deal any significant damage to Takaba.

Defeated with dignity, Reggie tells his Kogane to transfer all 41 of his points to Megumi. The benefactor isn't so pleased but Reggie tells him to just consider it a good dead before death. He adds that he's just a spectator and isn't close with Kenjaku at all. With his final words, Reggie tells his executioner to let fate toy with him before dying like a fool. With Reggie's death moments later, Megumi receives five points from his Kogane.

A massive explosion is set off on the roof of another building elsewhere in the city. It was caused by Hazenoki, who's still fighting with Takaba and wonders if he's finally hit his target. The comedian appears beside Haznoki and tells him he missed while still comically encouraging him to stay focused because his opponent is tough. Continuously irritated by Takaba's antics, Hazenoki tries to punch him only for his fist to slide off. For some reason, Takaba is covered in ankake sauce, further annoying his adversary. Hazenoki is frustrated by this fight because he doesn't understand why Takaba won't take damage regardless of how many times he gets bombed.

The Angel descends upon Megumi.

Kogane interrupts the battle to inform Hazenoki that Reggie Star has been eliminated. Surprised, Hazenoki decides to walk away from the fight entirely. He says he's going home because he's had enough, Initially, Takaba is fine with this and replies with a comedic reminder to bathe. Then Takaba remembers what Megumi asked him to do and tries to pester Hazenoki for his points, only to be repeatedly denied. Fumihiko Takaba's innate cursed technique is Comedian. Anything he's certain will be funny becomes reality. It's a cursed technique with the potential to even oppose Satoru Gojo, but Takaba is utterly unaware of it.

Elsewhere, Remi runs through the streets in a panic. She's distressed because she's uncomfortable with adversity and being an adult. She's always been told men are supposed to be wolves but they've always taken care of her. She doesn't know how to go on and still thinks wolves will continue to help her until she's cornered by an actual deadly hound, Divine Dog: Totality. However, before Megumi can make good on his threats, Tsumiki's voice tells her brother to stop before he kills someone in cold blood. Divine Dog disappears and Remi is surprised she's being let go. Annoyed and exhausted, Megumi tells his sister to shut up before he collapses to the ground unconscious. Just as this happens, none other than the Angel, Hana Kurusu, descends upon his body.

In the Sendai Colony, the jujutsu battles have far surpassed that of the Tokyo Colonies in terms of pure viciousness. There are four powerhouses at the center of the conflict that has reached a deadlock inside the colony.

"Ultimately... one did fall."

Dhruv Lakdawalla is a veteran of the Civil War of Wa in his second incarnation. He has 91 points and two kinds of shikigami that can constitute a domain with their orbiting trajectories. Ryu Ishigori has 77 points and the highest cursed energy output of all the players in the Culling Game. Takako Uro is the former Captain of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Squad directly affiliated with the Fujiwara clan, also known as the Toh. She has 70 points and the power to manipulate the sky. Kurourushi is a special grade cockroach cursed spirit that Kenjaku released from Cursed Spirit Manipulation. It has 54 points and is lying dormant until unfavorable conditions disappear.

Due to their conflicting abilities and natures, the four powerhouses forced a standoff rather than an alliance. However, the deadlock falls apart when one side eventually collapses. Dhruv Lakdawalla is cut down by Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year student, Yuta Okkotsu, who nows has 35 points. He reclaimed his special grade rank three months after the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons and possesses unusual strength second only to Satoru Gojo.

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