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Boring (退 (たい) (くつ) Taikutsu?) is the seventeenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Aoi and Mai from the rival Kyoto Jujutsu High arrive in Tokyo to scout out the competition. When Aoi isn't impressed with Megumi's response of his type of women, he decides to aggressively test his strength. They get into a brawl while Mai assaults Nobara as well. The scuffle between schools is only broken up once the second-year Tokyo students arrived to settle things.

Plot Details

Aoi Todo, Kyoto third year, asks Megumi about his taste in women. Megumi replies by asking why he would share information about himself like that with a total stranger. Nobara claims it's hard for Megumi to answer questions about girls and he tells her not to make the situation worse. Aoi introduces himself abruptly and claims that a person's taste says a lot about them. Aoi hates boring people and he wants his last Kyoto Goodwill Event to be against someone like that.

"You're boring... Fushiguro."

Megumi thinks of Tsumiki and reveals he has no preference. As long as the person is compassionate, Megumi doesn't need anything else. This answer amuses Nobara and Mai, but Aoi isn't impressed and confirms for himself that Megumi is boring just as he thought. Sensing Aoi's bloodlust, Megumi quickly tries to summon Nue but he's interrupted and slammed through the doorway by Aoi.

Nobara tries to help but Mai restrains her from helping. Mai commends Megumi for being a grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer, but she still believes he's no match for Aoi. Nobara ignores her and tells Mai that she isn't nearly as pretty as her sister Maki. Unamused, Mai grabs Nobara from behind and pulls out a gun. Aoi follows Megumi outside as the first-year is still recovering from the initial attack. The third-year claims he always knew Megumi was boring but wanted to give him a chance by asking. Now he feels that Megumi has trampled all over his kindness.

Aoi outclasses Megumi in battle.

Megumi recognizes Aoi's name for being the famous grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer who defeated all of the curses who appeared on the night of "Shinjuku-to-Kyoto Night Line of a Hundred Demons". Megumi also heard that Aoi doesn't use his cursed technique, but Aoi dispels that rumor and reveals he uses the technique on special grade curses. To better combat his senior, Megumi combines his Nue with Toad to summon The Well's Unknown Abyss. He summons several winged toads and plans to nullify Aoi's strengths by keeping his distance.

Mai appears to make short work of Nobara.

However, Aoi uses his incredible speed to blitz through Megumi's guard and German sup lexes him. Megumi quickly recovers but Aoi pins his head to a nearby wall and throws him up and through a platform above them. As Aoi jumps up to follow, he's caught by Megumi's toad's tongues. He's unimpressed, but Megumi stands up with determination to make an impact.

Two sisters turned bitter rivals reunite.

Their duel is interrupted Toge Inumaki, who tells them to stop moving with his cursed speech. Then Panda appears and punches Aoi with a hard right. Panda asks why Aoi couldn't wait until the Kyoto Goodwill Event and tells him to leave immediately. Aoi agrees and decides that the event this year might not be boring after all. Before he leaves, Aoi tells his rivals to make sure Okkotsu to show up.

Meanwhile, Nobara is down with several wounds created by Mai's gun. Mai tells Nobara to watch who she picks fights with. A polearm knocks Mai's gun away from Nobara and Maki asks her sister what she's doing to the errand girl.

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