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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 9 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 9?) is the one hundred and sixty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi's battle is interrupted by an eccentric comedian with an abundance of personality. Fumihiko Takaba takes Megumi's side and helps him fend off the other Culling Game players.

Plot Details

Takaba introducing himself with a terrible joke.

Fumihiko Takaba decides to help Megumi because the thirty-five-year-old can tell whether someone is good or bad by their face. He quickly realizes Megumi has a bad face but writes it off as all "revisionist". Megumi tries to correct him with the correct wording and quickly realizes Takaba is eccentric. Regardless of his personality, Takaba protected Megumi so the Jujutsu High student is willing to trust him.

Reggie and Hazenoki don't recognize Takaba, so they try asking what time period he's from. Takaba interrupts Hazenoki by assuming the question was going to be whether he's funny or not. He explains that his costume is based on a funny superhero and his intimidation factor suddenly flares up while preparing to tell a joke. Hazenoki and Reggie prepare for an attack but Takaba just tells a joke that gets a dead silent reaction. Takaba says "marry me and be my wi-fi", which absolutely no one finds funny.

"Because I'm an entertainer!"

Takaba comments on the tough crowd but continues to hype himself up nonetheless. Even though his opponents are stiff, Takaba will continue to do what he does because he's an entertainer. While emphatically exclaiming that statement, Takaba delivers a fierce flying dropkick that sends Hazenoki crashing into a building. Reggie notes that the shift in Takaba's cursed energy output is great and quickly realizes that the failing comedian is actually strong. Takaba does a handstand and explains that he's an old-school performer who's pro-violence, buying Megumi enough time to get into position.

Megumi works with the eccentric Takaba to split up their adversaries.

Megumi tries to surprise attack Reggie from his own shadow but he jumps away from the ground in time to avoid it. Megumi tells Takaba they should split Hazenoki and Reggie up. While trying to explain Hazenoki's exploding body parts, Megumi has to tell Takaba to stop getting so close to his face. Megumi uses Kogane to confirm that Hiromi Higuruma was the one who added rule ten to the Culling Game. Assured that Yuji completed their mission, Megumi states he's done with this colony and tells Reggie he'll let him go if he backs off. Reggie refuses because he needs to make up for Chizuru Hari's lost points.

Hazonki recovers from the dropkick he suffered and calls out to Takaba. The comedian ignores him and introduces himself properly to Megumi. The Jujutsu High student requests that Takaba take Hazenoki's points if possible. Takaba accepts on the condition that he continues to entertain, which doesn't bother Megumi as long as he wins.

"So I can fight for real... without holding back."

Satisfied, Takaba begins "sparking" while Hazenoki sends an explosive projectile at him. Takaba knocks it away with a fan and manages to close the distance before poking his opponent in the rear end as a joke. Hazenoki is enranged but Takaba immediately follows up with a powerful kick that sends his opponent through another building. Impressed, Megumi expresses that he's glad Takaba isn't his enemy.

Takaba is happy to help and bids farewell to Megumi, telling him to stay alive. Reggie thinks Takaba is toast because Haznoki will go all out after being mocked so much. Megumi tells his adversary to worry about himself. With his objective completed, Megumi can fight one-on-one for real, without holding back.

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