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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 8 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 8?) is the one hundred and sixty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi walks into an ambush of different cursed techniques from Reggie Star and his group of sorcerers. After withstanding tons of punishment, Megumi gets his second wind once Kogane announces a certain new rule has been added to the Culling Game.

Plot Details

Hazenoki attacks Megumi without any regard for Remi.

A detached eye is dropped through the air next to the open balcony Megumi is standing next to before suddenly exploding. This was caused by another player named Iori Hazenoki, one of Reggie's allies. Reggie warns Hazenoki about friendly fire and the now one-eyed sorcerer breaks off some of his teeth while asking if their target is dead.

Megumi escapes the smoke created by the blast and immediately avoids an attack from Remi. She tries to strike him with her scorpion-stinger-like hair but Megumi counters and throws her to the ground. Megumi aggressively asks her if she's had enough and Hazonki swings down from the floor above and tosses his teeth at Megumi like projectiles. Reggie also throws receipts that transform into gas and splash all over Megumi. In combination with the gasoline, Hazonki's explosives result in a massive blast that erupts through the top of the building.

With no allies left, Remi continues to be a thorn in Megumi's side.

Reggie opens a door and comes out of the room he sued to hide from the blast. He asks if they're finished but Hazenoki saw Megumi duck into another room to avoid damage too. Reggie commends Megumi's tenacity but they're sure he's been at least worn down. Megumi gets a door that's fallen on I'm out of the way and tells Remi that Reggie's group will never protect her. The explosions could've easily killed her as collateral damage, proving Remi is completely disposable. Megumi tries to leave her behind but Remi stabs him in the back with her hair. She desperately begs Megumi to say that he likes her and that he will protect her. Disgusted, Megumi realizes that Remi is the type of person who cares more about words than deeds.

Chizuru Hari, the player Megumi tossed over the side of the building at the start of the scuffle, rejoins the fray. He compliments Megumi for getting the better of him before but notes that the student is in rough shape now. Hari also mentions it was a pain scaling the building and Megumi taunts him for not taking the stairs. Megumi knows four-on-one is a heavy disadvantage but he's determined to get their points no matter what.

"All you need to do is wave away any sparks that fly your way."

Suddenly, Kogane announces that a new rule has been added to the Culling Game. Rule ten allows for players to transfer points between one another. Surprised and reinvigorated, Megumi smiles and immediately takes the fight to Hari while he's distracted. He summons Max Elephant and forces Hari out the building. Megumi uses Nue to mount Hari in mid-air and then smashes his face with the hilt of his sword. Hari crashes to the ground heavily injured, cursing Megumi for hurting him. Before he can get up, Megumi slashes his face open with his sword and eliminates him.

For a moment, Megumi questions what he's doing because they'll need more points in the future. He refocuses by reminding himself that Tsumiki won't have to participate in the killing now. He remembers to keep his head and to trust in his comrades instead of forcing himself to take his opponent's points. As Kogane rewards him with five points, Megumi reaffirms to himself that he just needs to deal with difficulties as they come.

A comedic newcomer comes to the rescue.

Reggie and Hazenoki descend to ground level where their opponent is using umbrellas. The former is especially embarrassed by Hari's lack of skill, having not even displayed his cursed technique. Megumi notices that Remi is out of the picture but he's still outnumbered and feeling the effects of the first explosion. He can't flee and using Domain Expansion is also not an option because it's still incomplete. Hazenoki abruptly spits out one of his separated teeth at Megumi to use as another bomb, but someone steps in front of the blast to protect him.

Everyone is surprised by the newcomer named Fumihiko Takaba. Takaba states that two-on-one fights are unfair and calls Reggie and Hazenoki cowrds. He adds that their attacks have done zero damage although the bleeding from his face and head make it clear he was in fact hurt, confusing Megumi.

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