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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 7 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 7?) is the one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Higuruma ultimately agrees to put his 100 points toward Yuji's cause, making it possible for players to transfer points between one another. While things are progressing well for Yuji, Megumi's negotiations with other Culling Game players break down completely.

Plot Details

Higuruma decides to go off alone after granting Yuji's request.

Higuruma tells his Kogane to add a rule to the Culling Game that allows players to transfer points between one another. He's sure to mention that it must affect the score calculation surrounding cursed technique removal as well. Yuji anxiously waits as Kogane relays the message to the game master but just moments later the new rule is approved. He breathes a sigh of relief and Higuruma transfers one of his points to Yuji so neither of them will be affected by cursed technique removal for nineteen days.

Higuruma walks toward the theater exit and says goodbye but Yuji asks him what he's going to do now. Yuji wants Higuruma to use his strength to help them combat the Culling Game but the lawyer explains that he killed a judge and prosecutor before coming to Tokyo. He feels the need to take responsibility and plans to turn himself in once the barrier opens. For the time being, he's going to ponder his course of action and doesn't feel comfortable staying around Yuji because it'll just make him hate himself more. Higuruma leaves the theater and Yuji is alone lamenting the situation despite accomplishing his goal.

"Kenjaku will drop a bomb when only the strong remain.. and then the Culling Game will have served its purpose".

Meanwhile, Reggie commends Megumi and says he can tell the young man is strong just based on his shikigami. Unbeknownst the Remi, Reggie was using her to lure in potential allies and would simply eliminate them if they weren't worth more than their points. Reggie wants Megumi to join their group and asks how much he knows about the Culling Game. Without mentioning Master Tengen, Megumi reveals that it's a ritual for bringing Japanese people to the other side so they're no longer human. Reggie reacts by laughing and asks if Megumi knows Kenjaku, surprising him. Megumi figured he'd run into a sorcerer with a connection to Kenjaku sooner or later and this exchange confirms it.

Reggie explains that the ritual explanation is probably just a cover for Kenjaku's real plan. He has three main reasons for believing this isn't Kenjaku's main goal: the number of players, the difference in skill levels between the players, and the rules of the game. Assuming one thousand players were equally divided among ten colonies, Reggie suggests that each colony of a hundred players is top-heavy in regard to player skill level. Players like Hajime Kashimo and Higuruma are much stronger than most of the other players. Between the two of them, they have eliminated roughly sixty other players within twelve days.

Megumi states he'll only join Reggie if his group hands over all their points.

This rationalization makes sense to Megumi so far because the Tokyo No. 1 Colony has been quiet ever since he entered it. He asks Reggie if the strong weeded out all the weak early on and if the game will reach a deadlock soon. Reggie confirms this has already occurred in both the Tokyo colonies. He reveals that the transferal process isn't just a way to spread out players, but a way to stimulate a second awakening of modern-day sorcerer's cursed techniques. Some even die during that transfer but this doesn't benefit the ritual the same way a drawn-out melee would.

Kenjaku is overseas in China meeting with government officials. Reggie is certain that Kenjaku will drop a metaphorical bomb on all the players once only the strongest ones remain. At that point, Reggie believes the Culling Game will have served its purpose. He's unsure of what this revelation could possibly be, so Reggie is focused on gathering allies and storing points for any eventuality.

Negotiations break down and Reggie's group ambushes Megumi.

Megumi asks how Remi fits into this plan because she is a weakling with no value. Reggie clarifies that Remi is useful for luring in people because they felt their guards down around a woman. Megumi asks if Reggie will eliminate her for points once he's finished using her but Reggie denies this and Remi claims he's her true knight. Megumi tells her that must be nice, mostly ignoring her. He asks Reggie if the total points of everyone in his group combine to at least one hundred. Reggie confirms that they have over a hundred points total and Megumi reveals that a new rule will be added that allows players to give each other points. He demands that Reggie and his allies hand over all their points and only then will he consider joining them.

"If you don't fight to kill... you'll wind up dead."

Reggie immediately declares that their negotiation has broken down. Another player named Chizuru Hari promptly appears behind Megumi and tries to attack him with his set of claws. Megumi disappears by slipping into Hari's shadow. While Divine Dog: Totality attacks Reggie, Megumi picks up Hari and throws him over the side of the building. Then he commands Nue to divebomb him, shocking the player and slamming him into the ground below. Remi realizes that Megumi has had Nue patroling this entire time and the Jujutsu High student glares back at her, warning the girl to never let him see her face again.

Suddenly, two kitchen knives are shoved into Divine Dog's mouth, incapacitating the shikigami. Megumi turns back around and is surprised to see that Reggie is unscathed while his shikigami is whimpering on the ground. Reggie knows that Megumi is holding back because he wants their points and warns his adversary that he'll die if he doesn't fight for real. On cue, a detached eye suddenly falls over the side of the building next to Meguumi and abruptly detonates into an explosion.

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Battles & Events

  • Culling Game
    • Megumi Fushiguro vs. Reggie Star's Group (Started)


  • Tokyo No. 1 Colony
    • Ikebukuro