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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 4 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 4?) is the one hundred and sixty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji has successfully tracked down Hiromi Higuruma but he's failed to convince him to add a rule to the Culling Game. Instead, Yuji finds himself on trial against the lawyer and the judgement may be fatal!

Plot Details

Higuruma immediately actives Domain Expansion: Deadly Sentencing.

Higuruma defiantly faces his opponent and Yuji takes note of the shikigami appearing by his side. Yuji knows Higuruma has eliminated at least twenty players and decides to stay on the defensive to anticipate an attack. Higuruma unexpectedly actives Domain Expansion: Deadly Sentencing right away. Higuruma's domain reflects a courtroom with guillotines in the background and Yuji is alert to the imminent danger. Yuji rushes Higuruma and tries to attack before the cursed technique imbued into the domain activates. Yuji throws a head kick but his foot stops right before it can reach his opponent. Higuruma explains that his domain forbids the use of violence on either side and Yuji is transported back to his end of the courtroom.

The shikigami, Judgeman, begins by stating that Yuji is under suspicion of entering the Maji Vegas Pachinko Parlor on July 16, 2017, in Sendai City, despite being underage. Yuji isn't sure what's happening at first until he remembers the parlor Judgeman is referring to. Before Yuji makes it obvious he's been there, he backtracks and acts like he's still thinking. Higuruma explains that Judgeman knows everything about everyone in the domain. Higuruma himself is not pricey to all of this information and the verdict is decided solely by the arguments presented in the courtroom. Additionally, Higuruma has evidence that's been submitted for deliberation by Judgeman. It's not necessarily conclusive but Yuji won't be informed of what's inside either. Yuji's goal is to defend his case and dispel all doubt to win an innocent verdict from Judgeman.

Higuruma and Judgeman put Yuji on trial.

The trial-based cursed technique makes Yuji realize he's being prosecuted by an actual lawyer. The absence of a fatal attack in Higuruma's domain makes Yuji recall Master Tengen's advice. Tengen explained that Domain Expansion was a more common technique for sorcerers of the past because they didn't incorporate guaranteed hits. Casting one's domain was used to simply force the targets inside to obey the rules of their cursed technique. Constructing a domain with a can't-miss attack requires a lot of skill and the number of users heavily decreased over time. Yuji surmises that Higuruma's domain is this type, meaning it isn't necessarily lethal. It can't physically harm Yuji and relies on the condition that Higiruma explains the rules beforehand.

*So I'm innocent!

Continuing to explain said rules, Higuruma says that both participants each have one chance to make a statement. Yuji will go first and then Higuruma will rebuttal based on the evidence he received. Once both parties have made their case, Judgeman will deliver a verdict. Yuji asks what happens if he's found guilty but Higuruma isn't sure how to answer that question. Instead, he tells Yuji he has one of three options as a response: silence, confession, denial. A denial can include false statements, surprising Yuji, who asks if it's fine that he lies in court. Higuruma points out there would be no need for trials if everyone was honest and asks that Yuji hurry and make his statement because Judgeman is impatient.

Judgeman finds Yuji guilty.

Yuji takes a moment to think about how to properly defend himself in this trial. He actually did go into the pachinko parlor that day and even won on the machines. This means that lying is his way to get off clean but he isn't sure what the evidence is. He considers the three main options Higuruma gave him one by one. In the first hypothetical, if the evidence isn't necessarily conclusive and doesn't prove Yuji went into the parlor, he can just remain silent. In the second, if the evidence only proves Yuji went inside the parlor, he could deny the charges and say he was using the bathroom. However, he'll end up admitting he went inside if the evidence doesn't prove he went inside. Three, if the evidence proves he went inside and that he played then Yuji believes that he's out of luck completely. He considers confessing for a lighter sentence but isn't sure if trials even allow for that type of scenario.

Yuji decides to go with the second option and claims he only went inside to use the bathroom. Higuruma retorts with the evidence, which is a photo of Yuji inside using a cash exchange. While Yuji facepalms, Higuruma adds that pairing the picture with the defendant's own admission of entering the parlor puts his story about using the restroom into question. Higuruma states that it's certain that Yuji entered the parlor with the intent of playing the machines. Yuji asks what law he's breaking and Higuruma replies that the premises expressly forbids entry to minors. There aren't any laws for entertainment establishments punishing minors, but this is still considered a lawful entry.

Yuji realizes that his cursed energy has been confiscated.

Yuji states this is an unfair trial because there's nothing he could've said to win an incident verdict. However, Higuruma reveals that Japan only forbids minors to gamble, meaning cash exchanges are separate entities. The evidence only shows Yuji at a cash exchange, so he only needed to deny the charges by saying he's never seen the Maji Vegas Pachinko Parlor before. Judgeman reaches the verdict and finds Yuji guilty, sentencing him to "confiscation".

The domain is dispelled and Judgeman disappears, but Yuji doesn't feel any different. Higuruma immediately attacks by throwing his gavel. it hits Yuji's arm, which is damaged more than it should be. Higuruma closes the distance and summons his gavel back to its hand. He charges it with cursed energy to increase its size and smashes through Yuji's defense. Yuji gets sent crashing through several seats in the theater, he notes that Higuruma's cursed technique can also manipulate the gavel. Yuji gets back up and realizes that even worse, he's lost the ability to manipulate cursed energy. Higuruma admits Yuji is tough for withstanding his assault so far and the Jujutsu High student agrees that's one thing he's got going for him.

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