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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 3 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 3?) is the one hundred and sixty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Rin have met once before in an encounter the former doesn't recall. In the present day, Rin hopes to make up for his actions by helping Yuji find Hiromi Higuruma. Megumi is escorted by someone as well, but Remi leads him into a confrontation with another player named Reggie instead.

Plot Details

Yuji stopped the bullies while Rin stood idly by.

Sometime in the past in Sendai City, Rin Amai and another student were approached by bullies. Rin didn't stand up to the aggressors, but he knew how to act so the bullies wouldn't get agitated so they would quickly stop bothering him. He laughed and went with what the bullies said while the other student was more or less just confused. The other student wasn't aware of how to do the same and Rin expected more from him even though he never tried to help. Rin knew the bullies were arrogant despite not being smart or athletic so he focused on staying out of their way. He always smiled and went with the flow even at other people's expense because nobody would bother him and good things would sometime happen to him.

However, in that same instance, someone much different refused to sit by and watch someone else get bullied. Rin thought another moron showed up who wouldn't know how to avoid trouble, but it turned out to be the Tiger of West Junior High. The bullies attempted to beat up on the newcomer but all three of them were knocked out by a single hit each, shocking Rin. The Junior High student turned to Rin and asked what about him, but Rin was heavily intimidated and could barely respond. In the present day, the two of them are registered as Culling Game Players: Yuji Itadori and Rin Amai.

Culling Game Players: Yuji Itadori & Rin Amai.

Currently, Megumi and Remi get off at Kahamecho Station and the former immediately expresses some concerns. He doesn't think it's wise to go through Ikebukuro toward Shinjuku because supplies are plentiful and it's more likely they encounter other players. He believes they should've taken a more direct route to Shinjuku but Remi argues she has two reasons for heading through Ikebukuro. The route is simple for her and she has a base nearby where she wants to rest and bathe at.

"She fooled ya. ♡"

Meanwhile, Rin takes Yuji to a theater in Ikebukuro that Higuruma uses as his base. Excited to have quickly located his target, Yuji thanks Rin and gets ready to head inside. Concerned, Rin asks if Yuji is really going inside and Yuji replies that he's in a hurry to meet up with an ally. Rin's never met Higuruma personally but he's beaten Haba badly in the past. This doesn't shake Yuji's confidence because he didn't find Haba to be that strong and assures Rin he'll be able to escape if anything goes wrong. Yuji happily skips off into the theater while Rin laments sitting idly by unable to say something. Rin apologizes to Yuji as the latter heads inside the theater. Yuji descends some stairs into the building is surprised by what he sees.

Someone who isn't Higiruma introduces himself as Reggie, but he's not greeting Yuji. Megumi has walked into an ambush in Remi's "base" where another player was waiting for him. Reggie reveals Remi tricked him, immediately inciting Megumi's rage. Megumi looks back at Remi with an intensely irritated look but she isn't intimidated because she's confident in Reggie. She tries to taunt him but Megumi tells her to shut up and summons Divine Dog: Totality, stating that they're wasting his time.

Yuji finds Higuruma in a bizarre state of mind.

What surprises Yuji upon entering the theater is Higuruma sitting in a bathtub filled with water while he's still fully clothed. Higuruma claims it feels better than he expected. Higiruma explains that he doesn't care anything anymore so he's trying stuff he never thought he would before. He adds that he's basically someone in their thirties going off their rails and asks if that's funny.

Yuji finds this kind of funny but tries to get straight to the point. He asks Higuruma to talk but the lawyer claims it costs five thousand yen every half hour. Higuruma refutes this as just a joke because he wanted to play the part of the greedy lawyer for once. Yuji feels something is off about Higuruma and realizes he's not an incarnated sorcerer from the past. Since Higuruma was a normal person before becoming a sorcerer, Yuji believes they can communicate and make a deal. Yuji reveals that he and his allies want to negate the Culling Game and asks to use Higuruma's points to add a rule.

Higuruma refuses to let Yuji use his points.

Higuruma declines because he believes the Culling Game presents possibilities he's interested in. He's disillusioned with society's law and wants to know more about the rules of the Culling Game in comparison. Higuruma presents the question of what if the Culling Game punished rule-breakers without charges, prosecutions, or trials. Higuruma thinks something like that would be ideal even though he recognizes the rules of the game aren't perfect. He still wants to preserve the basic mechanics of the game and see the cursed technique removal process for himself.

Yuji tries to tell Higuruma that the Culling Game is a ritual for sacrificing everyone in Japan but Higiruma doesn't believe that. The lawyer points out the Culling Game's rules celebrate permanence, something Yuji can't argue because he doesn't really understand it. Running out of options and patience, Yuji decides to rephrase and demands that Higiruma let him use his points. Higuruma defiantly stands up out of the tub and asks Yuji if he's ever killed someone who's angering him. Armed with a gavel in hand and his shikigami by his side, Higiruma claims that it also feels better than expected.

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