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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 2 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 2?) is the one hundred and sixty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji defeats the rookie hunters who attacked him upon entering the colony and reunites with someone from his hometown. Regardless of being separated, Yuji and Megumi work finding on Hiromi Higuruma. They both manage to gather information on Higuruma's location from other players, but one of them is being decieved.

Plot Details

Yuji takes on Haba!

Yuji begins his fight with the Airplane woman's partner Haba by tossing a stone charged with cursed energy at him. Haba destroys it with his fast-rotating propeller and Yuji uses the opening to close the distance. He runs across the roof of the building and leaps high into the air, allowing him to grab onto Haba's leg. Yuji uses his strength to pull Haba down and drags him down the side of a building. As he crashes and breaks apart the outside of the high-rise building, Haba is forced to recognize his opponent's superhuman physical abilities.

Haba gets loose and tries counterattacking so Yuji decides to retreat. Yuji realizes that Haba isn't taking advantage of the high ground and only attacks with his propeller. He leads him indoors where Haba is confident his propellers can shred everything in sight, including steel rods. Haba spins toward his opponent headfirst like a drill, attempting to slice apart everything in his path. Yuji believes that Hanyu was easily defeated because her hair-based cursed technique left the rest of her body unguarded by cursed energy. Whether it's reinforced or not, the head remains a vital spot. As long as he can hit it without touching the propellers, he is confident he can bust Haba open.

"My propeller can even cut through steel rods!".

As his adversary rotates a high speed toward him, slashing the corridor to pieces, Yuji punches Haba directly in the top of his head. Haba is stopped in his tracks and bleeds heavily from his head. Despite his rotator and propeller breaking in addition to his his head trauma, Haba remains standing. Yuji is mostly uninjured but his knuckles are cut from the impact. Haba overconfidently assumes Yuji broke his hand and calls him the loser of this fight. Yuji immediately finishes Haba with a kick and shakes off the damage, claiming his hand isn't broken. Haba is unconscious but Yuji realizes he still needs to ask about Higuruma. He's unsure of how to best interrogate someone in fighting situations.

Rin suddenly appears behind Yuji and gets his attention. He says he knows about Higuruma and asks if Yuji remembers him. Yuji doesn't recall even though he's usually pretty good at remembering faces. Rin notices Yuji is suspicious and reveals that he really only knows him as the Tiger of West Junior High. Yuji is embarrassed by that nickname and realizes that Rin is from his hometown of Sendai.

Rin and Remi reveal Higuruma's location, but one of them is being dishonest.

Meanwhile, Megumi behind walks Remi in the street and asks her if she's not a sorcerer from the past. She confirms she's from the modern-day, prompting Megumi to question her reason for fighting. Remi explains that non-sorcerers got to leave the colony but players who began inside the colony have been experiencing the Culling Game for twelve days already. She's not participating in the game to win, most people are just trying to survivie. After over a week in the game, even people from the modern-day have stopped pondering reasons to fight and have gone into battle mode. Remi claims she's seen players go mad with power and thinking in terms of time periods is pointless. Megumi realizes that past sorcerers must've influenced modern sorcerers to engage in the conflict and this means he accidentally mislead Yuji.

A mysterious man lies in wait for his underling to bring him a new victim.

Megumi tells Remi to stop walking and to reveal where she's taking him. Remi refuses because Megumi could simply eliminate her after he gets this information. Megumi argues he could lose Higuruma's location if Remi dies but she says that it's his job as her knight to prevent that. At the same time, Rin leads Yuji toward Higuruma as well. Yuji asks why he's helping since he was with the two flying sorcerers but Rin reveals he was being forced to work for them and would've been eliminated soon anyway. Rin introduces himself and Yuji asks exactly where Higuruma is.

Rin and Remi both reveal Higiruma's location simultaneously, to Yuji and Megumi respectively. However, they state two different locations. Rin claims Higuruma is in Ikebukuro while Remi says he's in Shinjuku. Yuji and Megumi both hope that the other is headed to their destination. One of them is being misled and taken to a mysterious man hoarding receipt papers. He's getting impatient and wonders when his lackey is going to bring his next target.

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  • Tokyo No. 1 Colony

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Cursed Techniques

  • Haba's Helicopter-Hair Technique