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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 1 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 1?) is the one hundred and sixty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Megumi enter the Tokyo No. 1 Colony together but it's not long before they're unexpectedly separated. Unwillingly transported to distant locations, both are targetted for being rookies to theCulling Game.

Plot Details

Inside the Tokyo No. 1 Colony, a woman with aviators and a walkie-talkie named Hanyu stands on top of a skyscraper that overlooks the city.

Players inside the colony keeping an eye out for newcomers.

Hanyu asks for a signal from someone named Rin Amai, a boy she's forcing to work for her. He replies that he can't do anything if no one shows up and this irritates Hanyu. She expresses she's annoyed with his response and Rin gets scared and immediately apologizes. Hanyu activates her cursed technique, shaping her hair into the rear of a jet plane, and threatens to run Rin over if he mouths off.

Outside the colony, Yuji and Megumi approach the barrier and the latter says they need to be wary of incarnated sorcerers from past eras. Yuji acts like he agrees with this but then immediately asks Megumi to run it by him again. Megumi realizes Yuji doesn't get it at all and agrees to explain.

Some players are from a thousand years ago and even those from only a hundred years ago have completely different mindsets than modern-day people. As sorcerers, they valued life differently and fighting to the death was a normal thing for them. Some people even desired to achieve an honorable end in battle and Megumi thinks that might be why they agreed to become players. Megumi doesn't believe they'll be able to negotiate with past sorcerers and Yuji emphasizes they need to be wary of cursed spirits as well, especially at night. Megumi's hope is that a modern sorcerer caught up in the game like Tsumiki will be happy to talk.

Yuji and Megumi enter the barrier.

They knock on the barrier wall to the Tokyo No. 1 Colony and Kogane appears to greet them. Kogane announces that the Culling Game is taking place inside and anyone who enters will become a player in the deadly competition. Megumi declares his participation and forgoes reviewing the rules with Kogane. Determined to save his sister, Megumi reminds Yuji that their first move is to get information on Hiromi Higuruma.

The duo steps inside the barrier and they're suddenly separated, sent to different locations away from one another. Yuji falls from the sky and is confused by his circumstances while also wondering where Megumi is. When a player enters the game's barrier, they're transferred to one of nine locations. Certain individuals position themselves at those locations to take advantage of the rookies who are disoriented by circumstances not mentioned in the rules. Rin notices Yuji falling from the sky and plays his role by using a guiding light baton to signal Hanyu.

Yuji gets separated from Megumi and immediately gets targetted for being a newbie.

Hanyu uses her cursed technique to propel herself and fly at high speed, ramming directly Yuji. She smashes straight through two buildings an attack that would've pulverized most players. However, Yuji is unscathed and recovers from the impact quickly, surprising Hanyu. Yuji manages to get some footing by landing on a building and takes his fighting stance.

Hanyu recognizes her opponent's toughness and calls her partner to her side. Yuji quickly throws a rock that hits Hanya in her lower abdomen. She's seriously hurt and realizes that Yuji grabbed debris from the buildings he crashed through and charged it with cursed energy. Heavily injured, Hanyu loses altitude and falls into the building below her.

Yuji is surprised by how easily his adversary was defeated. He still needs to ask about Higuruma and find Megumi. Hanyu's partner, Haba, uses his helicopter-like cursed technique to levitate behind Yuji. Angry, he demands to know what Yuji has done to his woman. Yuji faces his new opponent and decides to ask him about Higuruma instead. Rin notices that Haba engaged and that Hanyu went down. He ponders the new player's for a second and finds them familiar before remembering he's someone named Itadori.

Megumi encounters a troublesome girl named Remi.

Meanwhile, Megumi knocks a female player down with his cursed tool drawn. She asks him why he did that and he angrily replies because she attacked him. He laments that he got split but up with Yuji and not even Nue is able to locate him. This is because the colony is much larger than Shibuya and the boys are possibly over two kilometers apart now. Regardless, both of them still know what to look for.

Megumi asks the girl about the information on Higuruma but she acts purposely difficult. She says that she'll only give him the information if he acts as her knight and protects her. Megumi reluctantly agrees but not in a playful way like she wants. He tells her to walk in front and only promises to protect her if she's telling the truth. Otherwise, he implies a punishment that will result in him scoring points. Unlike Yuji, Megumi has no qualms about racking up one hundred points on his own if need be. Unintimidated, the girl responds with a devious smirk and tells Megumi to call her Remi.

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  • Tokyo No. 1 Colony

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Megumi Fushiguro's Techniques

Cursed Techniques

  • Hanyu's Airplane-Hair Technique
  • Haba's Helicopter-Hair Technique