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Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 1 ( (とう) (きょう) (だい) 1結界 (コロニー) Tōkyō Dai-Ichi Koronī 1?) is the one hundred and sixty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

A girl with aviator glasses talks on a radio with a guy, threatening him and telling him to warn her if anyone goes by. Then her hair transforms into a jet-shape, with wings and all.

Cut to outside the barrier, where Megumi is telling Yuji to watch out for past sorcerers who got incarnated, because they lived in a warring era so they're more used to killing, or perhaps they got in a contract with Kenjaku exactly because they wanted to kill more. People from this era should be more open to negotiation, in comparison, but Megumi believes both Kashimo and Higuruma are likely to be from the past. They agree to search for Higuruma first and foremost when going into the barrier, but when they do, they immediately get separated. Turns out going inside the barrier teleports each player to one of nine random locations. Yuji appears midair and starts falling, the guy from the start of the chapter gives a signal when he sees it. The jet girl immediately rams him still midair.

Yuji blocks it, much to her surprise, so she calls for her "darling" on the radio. Yuji throws a rock at her jet, making her fall, then a new guy shows up, a middle aged man that comes flying with a giant helicopter hat.

The kid who gave the signal at first calls the man "Haba", the girl "Hanyuu", and then recognizes Yuji.

Cut to Megumi, and he beat up a girl who attacked him. Tried using Nue to locate Yuji, but since it failed, he deduces he must be at least 2km away. Megumi then asks the girl to lead him to Higuruma, assuming he'll find Yuji if they just look for him anyway. The girl says she'll lead him to Higuruma if Megumi agrees to become her "knight", which he does immediately.

But he also says that if she's lying, he intends to kill her. "I'm not like Itadori. I'm fine with getting 100 points myself." The The girl introduces herself as Remi, and the chapter ends.

Character in Order of Appearances


  • Tokyo No. 1 Colony

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