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Colony (結界 (コロニー) Koronī?) is the one hundred and sixtieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Those who were already inside a barrier colony when the Culling Game began on November 1st were given one chance to escape. Yuji's high school friend Setsuko Sasaki took this chance and was escorted out of Sendai City by Kenjaku himself. Twelve days later, Yuji and his allies are ready to enter the Tokyo colonies and let the games begin.

Plot Details

"The space between dream and reality... is a curse."

Kenjaku suddenly greets Setsuko, who is sleeping in her bed. Surprised, Setsuko appears to wake up and looks up at the strange man standing over her, asking who her mysterious visitor is.

Kenjaku explains that he's the sorcerer who placed a barrier over Sendai City and that the region has been chosen to host a lethal contest where players will fight to the death. Setsuko is shocked to hear people will be killing each other and nervously jokes by asking they not do that in her house. Kenjaku commends her for being funny and continues to explain the circumstances.

The remains of an execution site nearby serves as the center of the barrier with a radius of around five to six kilometers. Creating the barrier required immense effort and Kenjaku can't impose unreasonable conditions. Those like Setsuko, who begin inside the barrier are given one chance to leave. If she so chooses, Setsuko will awaken outside the barrier. Confused, Setsuko asks what he means by "awaken" and questions if she's still dreaming. Kenjaku replies that the space between dreams and reality is a curse.

Kenjaku takes Setsuko outside the barrier.

Kenjaku takes Setsuko's hand and warns her to be careful because the hasty players are already outside. Kenjkau holds Setsuko's hands while her eyes are closed and escorts her safely past the carnage taking place across the battlefields. Before they part ways for good, Kenjaku thanks Setsuko for befriending his son.

Setsuko wakes up outside the barrier to the voice of her friend Takeshi Iguchi, who's glad to have found someone he knows in the panic. He draws Setsuko's attention to the gigantic barrier wall and explains that everyone saw the man wearing the kesa. Setsuko asks if the man mentioned his son to Takeshi but that isn't the case. Setsuko wonders if the man meant Yuji Itadori from high school. This all took place on November 1st at 6:00 AM when the Culling Game first began.

Yuji, Megumi, and their allies form a plan to handle the Culling Game.

The present-day is November 11th, when Yuji and Megumi continue planning for the game with the others. They're unable to find a player named the "Angel" but apparently, they'll know them when they see them. Hakari decides that he and Panda will go to the Tokyo No. 2 Colony while Yuji and Megumi go to No. 1 and Kirara stays outside the barrier.

Hakari plans to handle Hajime Kashimo himself since they're the player with the most points and is likely the strongest. At the same time, Panda will search for the Angel with his nose. Kirara is confused about why they aren't going inside the barrier to help and Hakari explains that Yuta hasn't made contact because cell phones don't get reception inside the barriers. Their group is going to need Kirara on the outside to keep an eye out for them.

The Jujutsu High students officially enter the Tokyo colonies

Yuji begins to bring up that perhaps he and Megumi shouldn't travel together due to Sukuna. However, Megumi tells him to shut up and to stop being selfish because the senpai can't change their roles just for that. Yuji gets offended because he's just worried but Megumi finds it annoying and a waste of time. They both get aggravated and get in each other's faces but Panda tells them to stop squabbling.

The next day on November 12 at 12:00 P.M., everyone reaches their designated barriers in Tokyo. Kogane explains that inside the barriers the lethal competition known as the Culling game is taking place. They ask if the new players are willing to enter and declare their participation as players. Megumi, Panda, and Hakari all don't hesitate to agree operation to rescue Tsumiki begins.

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  • Sendai Colony
  • Tokyo No. 1 Colony
  • Tokyo No. 2 Colony

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