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Affection ( (じょう) ?) is the sixteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Jogo's allies rescue him from a precarious situation and return to their mysterious ringleader: Mahito. Meanwhile, students from Kyoto Jujutsu High arrive to taunt their rival school students.

Plot Details

Pseudo-Geto and Hanami watch from over the cliffside and decide whether or not they want to save Jogo. Geto refuses to be seen by anyone from Jujutsu High. He says Hanami can do so if he wishes, but he's unsure if cursed spirits feel any kindship toward one another. Hanami leaves after saying something in another language that irritates Geto.

Hanami rescues Jogo.

Satoru tries to interrogate Jogo but to no avail. Suddenly a large spike nearly strikes Satoru. It pierces the ground and grows a garden of flowers, distracting the shamans long enough for Hanami to swoop in and save Jogo. The garden spawns a wooden curse monster that attacks Yuji. Satoru saves his student, but the other curses manages to get away.

Satoru is impressed the cursed spirit managed to hide its presence and claims that things are getting fun. He tells Yuji that he wants his students to all get strong enough to defeat curses like that.

The mastermind is revealed.

Gojo sensei plans on continuing to train Yuji before eventually taking on tough missions. Then he'll make his return at the exchange event, something Yuji still doesn't know anything about.

Meanwhile, Kiyotaka Ijichi meets with Principal Yaga, but the latter is upset by Satoru's absence. Geto meets with his associates in another domain and the other two come in close behind. They all plan on doing their best to seal Satoru on October 31st in Shibuya.

The Kyoto students arrive to intimidate their younger rivals.

While Megumi and Nobara are out running errands for Maki, she and Panda discuss the situation involving the Higher Ups and Jujutsu High following the cursed womb incident. They know it's unlikely their Kyoto rivals would come for the meeting, but they still know those guys might still come since they love talking trash.

One of them is Maki's sister, Mai Zenin, and the other is third-year, Aoi Todo. They both insult Yuji, who is still believed to be deceased. The first-year students from Tokyo ignore their rivals obvious bait. Aoi steps forward and prepares to fight, determined to see if they're worthy replacements for Okkotsu.

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Hanami's Techniques

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