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Kogane (コガネ Kogane?) is the one hundred and fifty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

Panda informs everyone about Yaga's death. Hakari and Kirara get convinced about Gojo's sealing. Hakari demands they take his side in his fight against the higher-ups, and Fushiguro says it shouldn't be too much of a problem since he's the head of the Zenin clan. Hakari immediately sucks up to him. The Zenin clan would be destroyed on the day right after. Suddenly, some cursed spirit appears out of nowhere and starts ringing: it announces that a 9th rule was added to the culling game: players can now verify information about other players: their name, how many points they have, how many times they added rules, and which "colony" they're in. The player who added that rule was Kashimo Hajime, who was alive 400 years prior and is searching for Sukuna. He seems mad that everyone he fights against is weak.

The Kogane appeared for Itadori following this rule, and Fushiguro thinks it's strange that he's already part of the game. Itadori himself theorizes it might be because of Sukuna. Fushiguro isn't totally convinced. They put that aside, and Fushiguro decides to make use of the new rule to find someone else with 100 points who didn't make a rule change yet, so that they may make them make up a rule that could help Tsumiki.

Fushiguro's idea is to let players give away points of their own free will, that way people can keep gaining points without fear of their cursed energy being erased by the time limit. He also thought of a rule that says "players can spend all their points to leave the game," but is unsure if it'll get accepted.

In the end, their plan now is to hunt for the Angel sorcerer, Kashimo Hajime (who made the new rule), and Higuruma Hiroshi (the only other player with 100 points).

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