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Kogane (コガネ Kogane?) is the one hundred and fifty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Megumi succeed in getting Hakari and Kirara to hear them out. Hakari is surprised by what occurred in Shibuya and agrees to help, but only on the condition that they return the favor in the future. With strong new allies added to their party, Yuji and Megumi form a plan of action to enter the Culling Game.

Plot Details

Hakari surprised to learn Megumi is head of the Zenin clan.

Hakari finally sits down and listens to what Yuji and Megumi have to say. He's completely surprised to hear that Satoru Gojo was actually sealed. Panda adds that Masamichi Yaga died in a fight with a higher-up after Shibuya, surprising everyone.

Yuji and Megumi are concerned for their senpai since Yaga was essentially his father, but Panda says it's okay. Hakari expresses that he's bummed out now that everyone who's ever taken care of him is out of the picture. Apparently, he hasn't been this sad since someone named Yakul was shot in the butt with an arrow.

Kogane suddenly announces a new rule has been added to the Culling Game.

Hakari agrees to help combat the Culling Game, which gives Megumi a small sense of relief and makes the others smile. However, Hakari tells them not to get the wrong idea and makes it a point that everyone understands this is a deal and they must return the favor in the future. Panda knows Hakari wants revisions to jujutsu regulations and asks what to know exactly what he desires. Megumi comments that he doesn't think whatever it is will be difficult, annoying Hakari since he was the one who was being asked. Hakari calls Megumi "sea urchin head" and asks what he could possibly know, promoting Megumi to reveal that he's head of the Zenin clan.

Shocked, Hakari finds this even more of a surprise than the news about Gojo and Yaga. He believes that with the backing of the Big Three Families, making revisions to regulations will be easy. The hard part of keeping the Zenin clan from taking control of the fight club would come afterward. In order to get ahead of this potential issue, Hakari puts on a friendly expression and asks Megumi to be buds. Unbeknownst to both of them, Maki annihilates the Zenin clan the next day.

Culling Game player, Hajime Kashimo scores 200 points.

With everyone in agreement, Yuji states they need to decide who's going to what colony when suddenly Kogane appears above Yuji and makes a loud ringing noise. Kogane announces that a player has added a new rule to the game, allowing players to have access to information on other players. This information includes their name, number of points, number of rules added, and their current colony. This rule was added by Hajime Kashimo, an elite player dominating Tokyo No. 2 Colony. Hajime finds all the current players they've encountered to be weaklings compared to those they fought four hundred years ago, and they wonder where Sukuna is.

Megumi searches for players with 100 points who can be persuaded to add rules to the game.

After making the announcement, Kogane introduces itself to Yuji. It has a different voice than the announcement because now it's acting as the liaison for the Culling Game assigned to Yuji. Megumi doesn't understand why Yuji is already being considered a player before entering a barrier colony. Yuji believes it has something to do with Sukuna and theorizes tha perhaps that's how Sukuna became a cursed object. Megumi points out that's still strange because Yuji ingested Sukuna's finger of his own will, unlike other past sorcerers who were in contracts with Kenjaku.

"We'll target Haime Kashimo and Hiromi Higuruma... and hunt them down."

Yuji has Kogane show him his own player info and Megumi uses the list to find Kashimo's name, identifying them as the one who added the rule. Megumi believes they can get through the Culling Game without killing anyone by forcing someone with enough points to add a rule. The two players that fit the bill are Hajime Kashimo and Hiromi Higuruma.

In order to save Tsumiki, the first rule they add needs to offset rule 8, which details cursed technique removal after 19 days of inactivity. Megumi states they can do so by adding a rule that allows players to transfer points between each other. After adding that rule, Megumi suggests adding another one that allows players to spend points to remove themselves from the game entirely. Hakari points out that might conflict with the long-lasting rules on the game but Megumi figures maybe it'll work if a non-player substitutes them. It's ultimately up to the gamemaster but regardless, the team now has a plan of action. As they look for the Angel to undo the seal on Prison Realm, they will target Hajime Kashimo and Hiromi Higuruma, and hunt them down!

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