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Cog ( () (ひん) Buhin?) is the one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

Fushiguro lets go of Kirara and kowtows to ask them for help. They agree to hear him out. Just then, Itadori comes flying out of the monitor room, with Hakari walking out after him. Itadori tells Panda and Fushiguro right away to not interfere. Hakari punches him right in the face, and Itadori makes no effort to dodge; after falling over, he simply stands up again. Itadori is convinced this is a "ritual" to make Hakari accept him, and he doesn't intend to dodge or fight back.

Hakari says he'll listen then, as long as Itadori stays standing. He asks why are they coming to him for help, even though they never met him before. Itadori answers that it's because he heard from his senpai that he's strong. Hakari punches him again, and Itadori thinks on how his hits hurt like hell, disproportionate to the damage he's taking. It's like getting hit with a baseball bat made of nail files.

Hakari tells him he needs to show enough heat to convince him to fight with his life on the line, but Itadori tells him he doesn't have that because he's a tool, that exists for the sake of exorcising curses. Hakari hates it, punches him again.

Itadori goes flying all the way to the roof's guard rail, and Hakari comments on how Gojou said before that his cursed energy is rougher than most. Itadori gets up behind him. Itadori goes on about he's a tool, and therefore he must always perform his duty, and asks Hakari what his duty is. Hakari thinks that Itadori doesn't have the eyes of a tool at all.

Then Kirara comments on how that was plenty of heat on display, and Hakari says he's convinced. Fushiguro and Panda think it's kind of sudden, but Kirara comments that Hakari actually always felt the most heat when he could help people.

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Battles & Events

  • Yuji Itadori vs. Kinji Hakari