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Twinkling Stars (きらきら (ほし) Kirakira Hoshi?) is the one hundred and fifty-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

The chapter opens with Fushiguro noticing a star and the word Acrux written on his rabbits. He also sees Gacrux written on the door. Fushiguro asks Panda to check his body and he finds the Imai marking and Fushiguro has Acrux marked on his body. Fushiguro learns that Kirara is using the Southern Cross constellation for her cursed technique as a motif. He thanks Tsumiki for telling him about this cursed technique. In the chapter, it is revealed the practitioners of this cursed technique can mark cursed energy with the name of the stars. In order to approach a marked body, they need to follow the same order as the distance the stars are from earth.

The markings are in this order – Imai, Acrux, Mimosa, Giran and Gacrux. Kirara is a Ginan and a rock on the floor is Mimosa. The order is based on the depth of the stars. The chapter explains that the star may appear 2D on the floor but in reality, they are 3D. So, Fushiguro, who has Acrux attached to his body, must go through Mimosa and Ginan to reach the door of the monitor room, which has a Gacrux attached to it. Fushiguro is grateful to Tsumiki as he is able to crack this cursed technique and wins the battle against Kirara. He goes on to immobilize Kirara. Fushiguro uses his Divine Dog to get on Kirara's back. He also reveals he never dispelled the Divine Dog but only held it against a wall that was between them.

Character in Order of Appearances


Battles & Events

  • Megumi & Panda vs. Kirara Hoshi


Megumi Fushiguro's Techniques

Kirara Hoshi's Techniques

  • Love Rendezvous