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Fever ( (ねつ) Netsu?) is the one hundred and fifty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

Hakari explains that for people to fall for a scam like the one he talked about at the end of last chapter, they need "heat" to believe that this would be a chance to change their lives. Hakari loves that "heat," for that heat is the same as gambling, and life itself is a gamble to him. "Girls that dumped me before said they hated gambling, but what they actually hate is losing." He asks Itadori to work for him for the sake of making his hight club bring even more heat. Itadori seems to be about to bring up his own circumstances when Hakari's phone starts ringing. He doesn't pick up and instead offers a drink. Itadori says no alcohol since he's underage, and Hakari comments that even Gojou Satoru can't hold his liquor that well, actually. Itadori pretends to not know who Gojou is. Hakari says that there's no sorcerer alive who doesn't know who Gojou is, plus that call was a sign from Kirara that "something's wrong." Fight starts. Itadori tries to explain himself, Hakari doesn't want to listen, since he "cooled down." Hakari's technique seems to involve some kind of floating door.

Back with Kirara, Fushiguro and Panda. Apparently the reason Hakari got in trouble in the first place is because there's "conservatives" higher-ups that don't like cursed techniques that involve modern stuff, like cursed video tapes that were a thing a while ago. Seems Hakari's technique is of that type. At any rate, Kirara doesn't believe the college would need their help for anything since they have Gojou, so they must have another goal in mind and are lying about needing help. Fushi claims that they lost because Gojo was sealed. Kirara is surprised. Megumi and Panda think she doesn't believe it. Fushiguro summons a bunch of his rabbits, convinced that convincing Kirara will lead to a better resolution with Hakari.

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