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Fever ( (ねつ) Netsu?) is the one hundred and fifty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji is able to get a meeting with Hakari where they discuss the "fever". It's the fever that brings people to gamble and Hakari wants to take advantage of mankind's fever with his fight club. Before Yuji can get a word in, communications suddenly break down when Kirara is able to get a warning to Hakari. At the same time, Megumi and Panda continue working convincing Kirara they're only at the fight club to ask for help.

Plot Details

Hakari discusses the "fever" with Yuji.

Hakari asks Yuji if he believes that he could make one million yen a month by working one hour a day.

Confused, Yuji asks what he would need to do, but for that information, he would need to pay Hakari two hundred thousand yen. Obviously a scam, Yuji tells Hakari he wouldn't agree to something like that because it's shady. Hakari agrees and points out that its a classic con where get rich quick scammers sell tips. It's an obvious scam but Hakari notes that there are a lot of people out there who still fall for it. Hakari believes it all has to do with the "fever".

In a con of this type, both the scammer and the scammed are in fever to change their lives. People get high on the fever and make foolish choices, but people can't even fall in love without it. Hakari loves the fever and asks Yuji if he knows the most direct way of engaging with it. Yuji guesses correctly and says that its gambling. Apparently lots fo girls who hate gambling dumped Hakari in the past but he points out that life itself is a gamble. Society tramples on losers who don't know when to quit but Hakari points out that everyone gambles, what people hate is losing and going to ruin.

Hakari's meeting with Yuji interrupted by suspicious phone call.

Yuji says that some people want to live peacefully but Hakari claims not to know anyone like that. Hakari wants to control the fever of the entire country using his fight club. The existence of cursed spirits have been made public and changes to jujutsu regulations are inevitably coming. Hakari wants to take advantage of this and expand his business, making jujutus headquarters aware of his ambitions.

Hakari accuses Yuji of being a spy for Jujutsu High and attacks him.

Excited for the future, Hakari needs strong allies and asks Yuji if he wants to get high on the fever with him. Yuji prepares to bring up Jujutsu High and ask for help but they're interrupted by a phone call. Hakari lets his phone ring until it goes to voicemail. He offers Yuji a drink although he's underaged and brings up that Satoru Gojo can't drink either. Yuji pretends not to know who Satoru Gojo is, but this is supsiecious because Satoru is someone that every sorcerer is aware of. Hakari finishes his drink and confrontational asks if Yuji is a spy from Jujutsu High.

Kirara's reaction to hearing Satoru Gojo was sealed.

Before Yuji can speak up to defend his case, Hakari tosses the drink glass right at his face. Yuji deflects the cup but Hakari activates his cursed technique technique, summoning two tall sliding doors that attempt to close with Yuji between them. Yuji jumps above the horizontal doors and tries to speak up but Hakari continues to attack. Hakari reveals a call from Kirara means that something is amiss. Yuji recalls what Megumi said about only asking for cooperation and headbutts Hakari. The third-year doesn't give up any ground and Yuji asks him to listen, only for Hakari to refuse because now his fever is running cold.

"If we convince Kirara, negotiations with Hakari will go more smoothly!"

Meanwhile, while Kirara is at a deadlock with Panda and Megumi due to their technique, Megumi decides this is the best time to talk. Megumi explains their not on Jujutsu High's side and they need Hakari's help but Kirara isn't very receptive. Megumi asks what happened between them and the higher-ups and Panda explains that conservative members of the community prefer traditional jujutsu while Hakari's has blended with technology.

Kirara points out that Jujutsu High lost because they have their priorities backwards. They add that they always have Satoru Gojo to clean up their messes so why ask for help. Megumi tries to reveal that Satoru got sealed but Kirara makes a face of comic disbelief that makes it obvious they don't believe Megumi at all.

Megumi decides to activate Rabbit Escape, summoning dozens of his rabbit shikigami. He and Panda know Kirara is the closest person to Hakari. If they can convince Kirara, negotiations with Hakari will go more smoothly.

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