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Sneaking In ( (せん) (にゅう) Sen'nyū?) is the one hundred and fifty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

Panda and Fushiguro meet. Panda says he know where Hakari is (a monitor room on the roof of the building) but he can't get close, because the distance just doesn't get shorter. He says that it feels like Satoru's technique, and it must be Kirara's technique, which he doesn't know the specifics of. Fushi thought that Kirara, the other third-year. was a man. Panda assures him that he is. At any rate, it's up to Itadori talking to him. In order to avoid him getting interrupted by henchmen walking in, Panda suggests He and Fushiguro incapacitate everyone outside the room once Itadori goes in, in the blind spots of the cameras, which Panda already found out. If negotiations fail, or if Kirara's able to just teleport Itadori right out or the henchmen right in, they'll give up on Hakari. Meanwhile, Kirara guides Itadori to Hakari's room and leaves. They say that Hakari repeated a year in middle school and that they love him when he's fired up. Scene changes again, and Fushiguro is taking down grunts while jumping out of their shadows. Panda takes out a few too, and then they're seen together by Kirara. Fushiguro tries to send his dog after Kirara, but it gets repelled. Apparently Kirara marked him with something. Fushiguro tries to block the way back to Hakari's room, and finds out that Kirara can't get close to him either, and now he can't be far from his shikigami dog as well. Also, there's a mark on Panda's butt. The scene changes to Hakari and Itadori. Hakari says "if I told there was a job where you could get 1 million yen a month just for doing a certain thing for 1 hour a day, would you believe me?" Itadori is shocked.

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