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Sneaking In ( (せん) (にゅう) Sen'nyū?) is the one hundred and fifty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi teams up with Panda to infiltrate the fight club from the outside. They put together a plan to ensure that Yuji's meeting with Hakari goes uninterrupted, but it's difficult to factor in the other third-year, Kirara Hoshi, who could thwart their plot at any moment.

Plot Details

Yuji keeps putting on a show while Megumi and Panda form a plan to infiltrate the fight club.

Panda leaves the parking garage and meets Megumi in the nearby forest. He asks Megumi if he thinks Yuji will be able to make contact with Hakari. Megumi thinks so, but he asks why Panda hasn't met Hakari himself.

Panda knows Hakari is in the monitoring room on the roof, but he can't get close to the door because of Kirara Hoshi's cursed technique. Regardless of if he walks or runs as he approaches the door, Panda can't reduce the distance. He compares the feeling to the stopping effect of Satoru Gojo's Infinity. Megumi asks if its only active when Kirara is in the monitoring room but Panda is unsure since Kirara is always with Hakari.

Megumi subdues the guards while literally hiding in their shadows.

Rather than forcing the issue, Panda attracted spectators to avoid getting on Hakari's bad side. Panda is grateful the first-years showed up but Megumi is still uneasy about Yuji being able to convince Hakari. Panda thinks Yuji's charm will work on Hakari, but is also apprehensive because Yuji is a bad liar. Panda gave him some tips beforehand to be ready for any situation.

Worst case scenario would be for Hakari to discover Yuji is with Jujutsu High and boot him out. Panda wants to secure the area and monitor the door to prevent this, meaning they'll need to take out some security guards. He knows where the cameras are and their blind spots, as well as the positions of all the lookouts. Megumi acknowledges they might just have a solid plan, but Kirara's technique remains an x-factor. If Hakari and Kirara get Yuji outside the door or bring in more muscle somehow, Megumi says they'll just have to give up on their objective altogether.

Panda takes out the other lookouts to secure a path to the roof.

After winning another match in the fight club tournament, Yuji sends Megumi a text at 12:58 P.M. saying he's meeting with Hakari at 1:00 o'clock. Megumi immediately deletes the message from his phone. While each of the five lookouts maintain their positions, Kirara brings Yuji to meet with Hakari. Kirara nicknames him Yu and calls him young, sharing that Hakari had to repeat a year in junior high. Yuji notes how cheerful Kirara is and they reply it because Hakari is feeling hot again.

Megumi sneaks into the first guard's shadow and mounts him from behind, sinking in a rear-naked choke. He chokes the man unconscious, tapes his mouth and zip ties his hands together. The second guard walks by without noticing and Megumi quickly slides into his shadow as well, eventually knocking him out with a triangle choke. Megumi manages to take them both out while remaining in the camera's blind spot. At the same time, two guards notice Panda playing with a tire and think nothing of it. One of them wonders if he eats fish sausage while the other recognizes Panda from the tournament. Panda knocks them both out and takes the fish sausage before heading up the emergency stairs where there are no cameras.

Kirara catches Megumi and Panda sneaking in.

Panda regroups with Megumi on the roof and assures him any trouble caused by this won't be a big deal later on. They move to guard the monitor room door but Kirara suddenly walks out to the lower level of the room just a few feet below them. Megumi and Panda are both surprised Kirara isn't with Hakari. Kirara quickly notices the pair recognizes Megumi from the camera feed. They make the connection that Megumi and Yu are both from Jujutsu High like Panda. Kirara believes Hakari is in danger and reaches for her phone to call him. Megumi acts quickly and summons Divine Dog: Totality to try and stop them.

"Would you believe me if I said you could work one hour a day and make one million yen in a month?"

Divine Dog moves to restrain Kirara but it's sent flying back into Megumi. Kirara drops their phone while Megumi realizes that their cursed technique stopped Divine Dog from getting close. Kirara runs toward the monitor room and Panda tries to explain they're not enemies. Kirara doesn't believe Panda simply has a request for Hakari and is upset with him for seemingly betraying them. Panda can't get close to Kirara due to the technique so Megumi orders Divine Dog to intercept her path. This stops Kirara from approaching Divine Dog but Megumi is suddenly pulled to his shikigami. Megumi realizes in addition to being unable to reach Kirara, he won't be able to separate from Divine Dog. While he wonders how this cursed technique functions, neither he nor Panda have noticed a symbol on the bear's back that reads "★Imai".

Meanwhile, inside the monitor room, Hakari meets with Yuji for the first time. He asks if Yuji believes he could make one hour a day and make one million yen a month. Unsure of what to say Yuji just looks on confused and replies with "huh?".

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  • Megumi & Panda vs. Kirara Hoshi (Started)



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