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Underground Fight Club ( () () (あい) Kake Jiai?) is the one hundred and fifty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Plot Details

Itadori and Fushiguro start looking for Hakari in an underground illegal fight circuit for sorcerers. The audience is mostly non-sorcerers, but also some curse users. Took some time for them to get there, so it's now 9 days before the time limit for Tsumiki to leave the culling game.

Itadori is allowed to fight, but the boss of the circuit says Fushiguro isn't allowed. He suspects he's being left alone so that they can watch him to see what he does.

When Itadori goes in, he's told that the only rules are to not run away to somewhere the audience can't see, and to not use cursed techniques, as most of the audience wouldn't see it. If he does well, he gets to take part in a fixed fight, so he'll have to meet their boss to get the script from him. Their boss is Hakari.

Then, turns out Itadori's opponent is Panda, and he lets Itadori win because Hakari would be cautious of someone he knows anyway, and he doesn't do well with the technique of the other third year".

This other third year, Hoshi Kirara, seems to be Hakari's friend and is with him. Once Hakari sees Itadori beat Panda, he's convinced he's not gonna lose to anyone else and calls a guy to get ready to bring him up to him once the fights are over.

Fushiguro is listening to the other person on this call, wearing some kind of shadow hoodie that seems to be hiding him.

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