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Perfect Preparation, Epilogue ( (あし) (ふく) むー (ばつ) Ashi O Fukumu -batsu-?) is the one hundred and fifty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


After defeating Naoya, Maki confronts her mother. A beaten and bloody Naoya is killed by Maki's mother. Maki leaves the Zen'in estate; leaving Mai's body with Nishimiya.

Plot Details

Maki faces her mom, who's simply screaming for her life. Maki asks her why did she tell her to go back, but her mom is confused and asks what she's talking about. Then the scene changes to Naoya, who's spitting blood and crawling on the floor, laughing at Maki's failure to kill him, but then Maki's mom appears before him, bleeding from the neck and holding a kitchen knife.

Naoya can't muster any cursed energy, and is killed by Maki's mom while calling her "sewer trash" In her final moments, Maki's mom sees herself playing with younger versions of her daughters, and says that she's glad to have given birth to them. When Maki is leaving the Zen'in estate with Mai in tow, Nishimiya meets her. "I told her not to go…!!"

Maki leaves Mai with Nishimiya and tells her to take care of the rest. Nishimiya asks what is she going to do next, but Maki doesn't answer.

The last panel just has narration: 6 members of the Hei unit and 21 of the Kukuru unit were absent from the Zen'in estate but were found dead on the same day. No cursed energy remains were at the crime scene, but they were killed by a cursed weapon. Later on, the Gojo and Kamo clan would agree to remove the name of the Zen'in from the Three Great Clans.

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