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Perfect Preparation, Epilogue ( (あし) (ふく) むー (ばつ) Ashi O Fukumu -batsu-?) is the one hundred and fifty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Maki has all but annihilated the Zenin clan and now it's time to face her mother. Naoya survives his defeat but suffers an ironic and fitting fate. In the aftermath of all the chaos, Maki leaves her sister behind and continues moving forward to ensure that her promise is fully carried out.

Plot Details

Naoya survives his fight with Maki only to meet an ironic end.

Maki finds her mother in a kitchen area and gets a very frantic reaction from her.

Maki's mother tells her to stay back but Maki wants to know why she told her to come back before entering the cursed warehouse earlier. Too distraught to recall, Maki's mother can only ask what Maki's talking about. Dissatisfied, Maki approaches her mother, who yells out in panic several times before her blood is splattered on the wall.

"I'm so glad... I gave birth to you."

The Hei and the Kukuru Unit have been completely decimated, with their corpses lining the premises. Naoya, heavily injured but still alive, walks around and bleeds from his face all over the ground until he falls through a door onto the ground inside one of the buildings. He mocks Maki for not finishing him off but her mother suddenly walks up behind him. Her throat has been slit and she's bleeding to death, but she's also holding a kitchen knife.

Maki leaves Mai behind so she can complete the anihhilation of the Zenin clan.

Naoya is too injured to use his cursed energy and Maki's mother stabs him in the back, lying on him as they both die. Naoya calls her a piece of trash but suffers a pitiful end, unable to do anything about it. As Maki and Mai's mother passes away, she admits that she was glad to have given birth to the twins.

Maki exists the Zenin property with Mai's body. Momo Nishimiya arrives, apparently arriving too late after chasing behind Mai in concern. Apparently, Mai had left Kyoto and Momo had told her not to go. Seeing now that Mai has died as a result, Momo cries and sobs over her regret. Maki hands over Mai's body for Momo to look after. Momo asks Maki what she's going to do now but she keeps walking away silently with Mai's blade in her hand.

According to the official record, the Zenin clan members who were not present that day all died violent deaths. No residuals were found other than trace amounts from a cursed tool. Days later, the Gojo and Kamo clans proposed removing the Zenin clan from the Big Three Sorcerer Families. Jujutsu Headquarters is keeping the verdict on hold for now.

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