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Perfect Preparation, Part 4 ( (あし) (ふく) むー () Ashi O Fukumu -shi-?) is the one hundred and fifty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


At the climax of her rampage through the Zenin Family, Maki is faced with Naoya. He recognizes Maki's current level resembles Toji but he refers to her as just an imposter. Naoya makes it a battle of who will stand beside Toji and Satoru among the strongest jujutsu sorcerers. Maki has trouble dealing with Naoya's speed but she's able to deduce that there is a trick to his cursed technique.

Plot Details

Naoya was called a genius sorcerer since he was young, and once he heard stories about how Toji was a failure, he went to see how pathetic he must’ve been. When he saw him though, his eyes were fierce.

The flashback showing that ends, and Naoya is hitting Maki with a barrage of hits, while she’s counting, and skipping numbers. Internally, Naoya yells “You’re not Toji-kun!!” to Maki. To Naoya, the only person on the same level as Toji was Gojo, so he doesn’t believe Maki can reach that level; if anyone can, it’s him. He grabs her wrist, which traps her in a frame with his curse technique. He kicks the frame, blasting Maki a great distance into a badlands area. Naoya quickly follows up with a kick to her torso, sending her into a cliff. Naoya continues his earlier internal dialogue, saying the "sin of the insignificant" is the ignorance of strength, claiming that the only one who could understand him was Satoru.

Maki continues her counting and slowly gets up, but is quickly ambush by Naoya again, sending her flying, and finally grabs her leg and body-slams her. Naoya only view himself as the one who could stand on par with Satoru and Toji.

Maki starts to feel cornered, because the more hits Naoya manages to connect, the faster he gets, thanks to how his technique works. Maki assumes a sumo posture called shiranui-gata(which is more offense-focused) – “Come, I’ll give you hug.”

Naoya sees this as she wanting to end things already with a frontal attack. He dodges her and moves to attack her from behind, but when he gets close enough, Maki has a counter punch going straight to his face. Thanks to her “new body”, she figured out that his technique splits movements in 1 second into 24 frames, and managed to predict him with that. Naoya yells that she’s a fake, but is punched right into the ground mid-insult. Maki replies “Sorry. Can you say that again?”

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Battles & Events

  • Maki Zenin vs. Naoya Zenin