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Perfect Preparation, Part 3 ( (あし) (ふく) むー (さん) Ashi O Fukumu -san-?) is the one hundred and fiftieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Zenin Family learns of Ogi's demise and mobilizes its strongest squads to deal with Maki. However, the lone twin is determined to fulfill her promise to Mai and destroys everything in her path. The Kukuru and even the elite sorcerers of the Hei are no match for her. Her avenging rampage cuts through the clan's strongest warriors and leads her face to face their leader, Naoya.

Plot Details

Bells ring throughout the Zen'in clan's estate. Jinichi and Naoya walk out of their room wondering about the noise. As they walk down the, Ranta comes hastily to report that Maki has killed Ogi and the Kukuru Unit has gone to confront her, surprising both of them. Nobuaki Zenin is walking down a hallway with eight Kukuru guards, thinking that Maki must have killed Ogi in his sleep, then orders them to find her before he arrives, otherwise he'll face the wrath of Jinichi. He doesn't want them to kill her as he plans to do the honors.

The Kukuru members manage to corner Maki in the Ton Room, visually confirming her to be wielding two unidentified cursed tools. Maki thinks to herself about what she wanted and what to do next. Remembering her promise to Mai to "destroy everything", a Kukuru guard charges toward her. Maki quickly slices off both of his hand, prompting the entire unit to attack all at once. Maki slashes through a soldier's head, dissects one across from her, and then stabbing two from in front and behind in the back. She tosses up Mai's swords, and slices a soldier with Dragon-bone, leaps over him and kick a soldier with enough force to snap his neck. With both swords in hand, she cuts a soldier from the gut down. Maki continues her blind flurry of attacks, and by the time Nobuaki had arrived to check, every Kukuru guard has been killed. Chojuro suddenly appears from the right, surprising Maki, and creates two giant hands using his curse technique. They would eventually crush her, and Jinichi and Ranta appear en suite.

Maki breaks through the stone hand, which surprises Nobuaki as she can still move. He and Chojuro come to confront her but she suddenly pierces their throats with her bare hand. Ranta uses his cursed technique, which summons a pair of eyes that paralyzes Maki, allowing Jinichi to charge toward her. However, Maki starts to resist Ranta's technique, pushing against both the the eyes, causing both of his eyes to bleed. Jinichi starts to notice this but Ranta tells him not to worry. The current Zen'in clan exist because of Toji, and since Maki has essentially manifested into Toji, it's imperative that they kill her now. Jinichi now creates a barrage to giant fists that rain from above, crushing the area around him and Maki. Ranta, on both his knees congratulates Jinichi for his victory and them collapses. Unknown to him, Maki emerges from the dust cloud and as she stroll past him holding Jinichi's head in her left hand. As she dumps his head in a pond, Naoya appears asking if she has a human heart, which she replies "no" as it was "taken from her."

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