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Perfect Preparation, Part 3 ( (あし) (ふく) むー (さん) Ashi O Fukumu -san-?) is the one hundred and fiftieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


News of Ogi's demise reaches the rest of the Zenin clan. They scramble their most elite units to apprehend Maki but the vengeful twin will not be denied justice for her sister. Willing to do anything to fulfill her promise to Mai, Maki uses her new abilities to destroy everything.

Plot Details

Naoya and Jinichi notice alarm bell going off.

The alarm bell sounds and the ringing echoes throughout the entire Zenin clan estate. Within its range are Jinichi and Naoya, who leave their meeting room and go out into the hallway. Young Ranta Zenin finds them and tells Jinichi that Maki has gone mad and killed Ogi. Jinichi and Naoya are both surprised that Ogi fell to her.

The Kukuru Unit has been dispatched to apprehend Maki. Captain Nobuaki Zenin tells his men she must have killed Ogi in his sleep or in the bathroom, still underestimating her strength. He doesn't want to be reprimanded by Jinichi, so Nobuaki orders the Kukuru Unit to deal with Maki swiftly. The Kukuru Unit is made up of Zenin men who did not manifest innate techniques. They are a lower branch of the Hei who undergo grueling hand-to-hand combat training day and night.

The Kukuru Unit finds Maki in the ton room and surrounds her with at least twenty men. Standing alone with Dragon-Bone in one hand and the cursed tool Mai left behind for her in the other, Maki can only think about her sister.

"Destroy everything".

Maki wonders what her plan was and if she should have given up becoming a sorcerer alongside Mai. She figures that might've been the right answer all along and apologizes to her sister. The Kukuru Unit attacks while Maki remembers Mai's final request: "destroy everything".

Maki opens her eyes just as one of the men attempts to slash her with a katana. She avoids the blade and cuts off both the man's hands in one quick motion. Then she vaults over his back and cuts down several of his allies before beheading him. Despite their numbers, the Kukuru Unit is no match for Maki and are effortlessly killed one after another in successively brutal fashion. Nobuaki arrives expecting Maki to already have been finished off. He's unpleasantly surprised to see all of his men have been turned into bloody corpses by an unscathed Maki, the same girl who used to serve in the unit.

The members of the Kukuru Unit are brutally slaughtered.

Maki notices a surge of cursed energy nearby. It's coming from Chojuro Zenin down the hall next to her. Suddenly, Maki is tossed into the air by gigantic stone hands that clap together in an attempt to smash her while she's falling back down. Nobuaki recognizes this attack as Chojuro's cursed technique and notes that the Hei have arrived. The Hei are the strongest sorcerers in the Zenin clan, comprised of everyone in the family with a semi-grade 1 or higher ranking.

Even the Zenin clan's most elite sorcerers fall victim to Maki's vengeful blade.

The clasping stone hands aren't enough to hold Maki and she suddenly breaks out. Nobuaki and Chojuro attempt to stop her but she jams her hands into their throats at blinding speed, killing them both before they can react. Ranta uses his paralysis technique to hold Maki in place and yells for Jinichi to finish her off. While Jinichi rushes to do just that, Maki fights back and forcibly breaks out of Ranta's paralysis. This backlash heavily injures Ranta's eyes, prompting concern from Jinich. Despite bleeding profusely from several places on his face, Ranta makes sure to tell Jinichi that Maki has become like Toji. Toji didn't destroy the clan on a whim but Maki will do just that if Ranta and Jinichi do not destroy her here and now.

Jinichi uses his cursed technique to launch several giant cursed energy propelled fists raining down from the sky. This pummels everything in the immediate area, allowing Ranta to believe they succeeded in his last moments. Ranta collapses to his knees and succumbs to the previous strain of his injuries while Maki walks out of the dust and smoke with Jinichi's severed head. She walks past Ranta and throws Jinichi's head into the pond without any sign of remorse.

Naoya, head of the Hei, confronts Maki on the other side of a small bridge that extends over the pawn. Amused by Maki's power, Naoya calls her cruel and asks if she has a human heart. Maki replies with a simple no because her heart was taken from her.

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Unnamed Innate Techniques

  • Chojuro's Earth Arms Technique
  • Ranta's Paralyzing Gaze Technique
  • Jinichi's Missle Fist Technique

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