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Domain ( (てん) (かい) Tenkai?) is the fifteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru and Jogo continue their battle, but now Yuji sits in on the jujutsu battle. He learns about Domain Expansion as well as the incredible power his sensei wields.

Plot Details

Satoru returns to the school to retrieve Yuji who is in the midst of watching movies. He notices that Yuji has been able to keep the cursed corpse asleep, impressing him. Even during Gojo sensei's interruption, Yuji is able to maintain a constant flow of cursed energy. Satoru makes a mental note to up the amount of cursed energy in the next phase.

Domain Expansion!

Satoru surprised Yuji and told him that the next lesson will teach Yuji about Domain Expansion. They both suddenly appear back on the battlefield with Jogo. Jogo realizes that Yuji is Sukuna's vessel and askes if Gojo plans to use him as a shield. Satoru denies this and replies that its just a lesson for his young student.

Jogo claims Yuji will be a liability, but Satoru says everything will be fine since his opponent is so weak. Enraged, Jogo's head literally erupts with anger as he demands his enemy stop underestimating him. Yuji is intimidated because Jogo is the strongest curse he's encountered thus far. Even so, Satoru assures his beloved protégé that everything will be okay.

Satoru uses the opportunity to teach Yuji about Domains.

Jogo uses Domain Expansion: Coffin of the Iron Mountain to bring them into his volcanic domain. Satoru explains that Domain Expansion uses cursed energy to forge an enclosed space. Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara encountered an unpolished Domain during their mission in the detention center. Domain's give their created improved stats as well as totally accurate attacks. Now Jogo's attacks will land in spite of Satoru's Infinity technique.

The enraged cursed spirit becomes even more irate acknowledging the difference in strength between himself and Satoru. He tries to use his Domain to incinerate Satoru without leaving a single ash. However, Satoru showcases how to properly counter a Domain: expand a Domain of your own and the more polished domain will reign supreme.

Unlimited Void!

Satoru takes off his blindfold and uses Unlimited Void to bring Jogo into his domain, changing the volcanic scenery into the infinite void of space. Jogo is exposed to too much information, endless perception and communication. This renders him immobile and unable to anything other than die slowly.

Before that happens, Satoru plans on interrogating the cursed spirit. He removes Jogo's head and asks who sent the assassin. Yuji stands by amazed, having confirmed for himself that Gojo truly is the strongest shaman. Meanwhile, Pseudo-Geto and Hanami watch from the cliffside, pondering if they should go and rescue Jogo.

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