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Perfect Preparation, Part 2 ( (あし) (ふく) むー () Ashi O Fukumu -ni-?) is the one hundred and forty ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Ogi drags the beaten Maki and Mai into a room full of curse spirits as means to dispose of them both. In a last-ditch effort, Mai sacrifices herself by using the last of her energy to create a sword for Maki. Before she departs, she asks for Maki to "destroy everything". Ogi, surprise to see their survival, is revisited by his old fear of Toji in Maki and attempts to kill her. However, Maki quickly cuts him down, killing her father, and moves on.

Plot Details

Ogi drags the beaten Maki and Mai down the hallway. He mocks Maki for stepping too close after believing she broke his sword, which is why she's no good. He says as a jujutsu sorcerer, he's not to be compared to normal swordsmen, as that would be absurd. As he said before, he wasn't chosen as the family head because his children are worthless. Naobito's curse technique doesn't have a history, so his technique wasn't a factor in the dispute. The only quality that Naobito triumphs in is the quality of his children. Ogi says that children shouldn't hold back their parents. An injured Mai says that holding each other back is a virtue in this country.

At the end of the hall, Ogi throws both his daughters down a staircase into a training room where the Zen'in family keeps curse spirits that are grade 2 or lower. Since he's here, they're keeping their distance but will pounce at Maki and Mai once he leaves. He mocks Heavenly Restriction saying that sorcerers train daily to reinforce their bodies with curse energy and that Maki's strength is nothing special. He walks out of the room, calling him a stain on his life. Mai feels that Maki still has a heartbeat, seeing she's tough as usual. She suspected that this day would come. She breathes into Maki to try to resuscitate her.

Maki wakes up on a beach. Sitting beside her is Mai, who says that she should know how her curse technique works. Since she's heavily wounded, she'll die after making another. Mai walks into the ocean wishing her good luck with Maki interjecting, calling her to come back. Mai says she knew that twins are inauspicious for sorcerers. To gain something, one must sacrifice something, which is something other than a Binding Vow. Similarly, suffering makes them stronger. This rule doesn't always apply to twins. Curse techniques treat twins as "one." Even with Maki's intense training, she won't fully develop since Mai doesn't strive to get stronger and has a curse technique while the former does not. Maki rushes towards her, saying she understands, and asks her to come back. Mai says that she'll leave "this" and "throw the rest away." Maki takes that item from her hand and sees that it's a reed. Mai tells her to promise her one thing: destroy everything. For a moment, Maki and Mai appear as their younger selves. Back in the present where Maki is holding a sword in her hand. Mai lies unresponsive to Maki's pleas to awaken as the curse spirits begin to charge toward them.

Ogi feels a strange sensation emerging from the training room. He turns around and notices that all the curse spirits have vanished. He sees Maki and Mai at the doorway. He then feels an old sensation that he tried to forget: the fear of Toji Zen'in, which he sees in Maki. A frightened Ogi unleashed his innate technique Blazing Courage and means to burn her down with his own two hands. As he challenges her to fight, she quickly cuts his head horizontally in two, killing him. With her new sword, she tells Mai that they shall begin.

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  • Zenin Clan's Cursed Tools Warehouse