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Perfect Preparation ( (あし) (ふく) Ashi O Fukumu?) is the one hundred and forty eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Maki arrives at the Zenin Household, greeted by Naoya. He taunts her with memories of him beating her in the past. Unfazed, Maki goes underground to unlock the Cursed Tools Warehouse. Maki's mother tries to change her mind but Maki sidesteps her flashing the keys referencing clearance from the new head, Megumi. In the now empty warehouse Maki finds her father, Ogi Zenin, sitting in front of the body of Mai. Meanwhile, Jinichi and Naoya scheme about the connection between the Zenin and Gojo clan. Maki brandishes a new curse tool and the father and daughter clash. While initially taking Ogi by surprise, the ashamed father takes the bout.

Plot Details

At the Zenin Household, Naoya Zenin welcomes and expresses fake concern for a newly arrived Maki's disfigured face, asking her what she is good for now. Maki marvels at Naoya judging her face, saying she thought he only had eyes for a woman's ass. Ignoring the jab, Naoya insults her, pointing to her lack of a cursed technique and inability to even see curses, coupled with her disfigured face, make her unworthy of anyone's notice. He taunts her with the threat of bullying her, like he used to do when they both were younger. However, Maki ignores his repeated insults and heads to the warehouse. On the way, she is stopped by her mother, who reminds her that the Zenin Warehouse is forbidden to her. Maki shows her the keys, saying she has the new clan head's permission.

In a flashback, Maki reveals to Megumi Fushiguro his appointment as the Zenin Clan head. He refuses, saying it would be too much trouble. Maki cites to him the benefits him accepting would lead to their operation, Megumi asks her to step up. An irritated Maki refuses, saying no one will accept her as she is now in comparison to Megumi, who has the clan's cursed technique, as well as mastered domain expansion. This, along with Satoru Gojo having mentored him, could lead to his acceptance. Megumi states that acceptance isn't a factor in gaining the benefits that Maki mentioned, hence she should become head. However, Maki feels she would not be able to bring about a world where people like her sister feel like they belong, not as she is right now. This finally convinces Megumi, who accepts.

In the present, Maki's mother shrieks at her to not go to the warehouse, asking her to finally do something that justifies her being given birth to. Ignoring her pleadings, Maki opens the Warehouse lock and enters. Inside, she runs into her father, Ogi who states that there are no cursed tools here. He had anticipated their arrival and emptied the warehouse beforehand. Behind him lies Mai, collapsed on the floor in a small pool of blood. Maki is shocked to see Mai, with the latter questioning why she came. In another room, Naoya and Jinichi are talking about why the former wasn't given the position of family head. Jinichi replies that Naoya is reckless and many are backing Megumi for the chance to repair relations with the Gojo Family. Jinichi still opposes the idea of leaving the fortune to Megumi, and Naoya asks about why there's a delay. Jinichi also states that Megumi is also creating relations with Noritoshi Kamo, the future head of the Kamo Family. Therefore, an unreasonable removal of Megumi from his position would only hurt the Zen'in clan's standing. This would cause the family to fall behind in the shifting power struggle now that Satoru Gojo has been sealed. Therefore, they must take advantage of rule 2, which exiles Gojo and brands anyone that frees him a criminal, as a reasonable cause for executing Megumi, Maki, and Mai. Naoya laughs saying that killing one's child would boost credibility. More so, it would strengthen the trust between Ogi and Jujutsu headquarters. Jinichi mentions that it was his idea.

Back in the warehouse, Ogi prepares to use Falling Blossom Emotion. This domain countermeasure changes when used in a sword standoff as it coats the caster and sword in cursed energy. This allows the blade to automatically strike anything the cursed energy comes into contact with. Maki unveils Juzo Kumiya's masterpiece known as Dragon-Bone. It accumulates force and curse energy and eject it out vents on the back of the blade in accordance with the user's will. Maki plans to take advantage that her father is unaware of the weapon's ability and feign entering a single-strike duel with the intent of striking a second or third time. Ogi takes position and ask if she know why Naobito was chosen as family head over him, with Maki replying if it's because he a bastard who would kill his own children. Ogi quickly swipes to the left, and Maki blocks the strike. She flips around Dragon-bone and drives the blade forward. With the weapon's special effect, Maki cleanly breaks Ogi's katana. Thinking him to be defenseless, Maki swings forward to deliver another blow. However, unknown to her, Ogi had recreated his blade with cursed energy and slashed her flank. A confused Maki collapses, saying she thought he broke his sword. Ogi closes by stating that he wasn't family head because his children are worthless.

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