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Even Pandas (パンダだって Panda Datte?) is the one hundred and forty seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Masamichi Yaga is on the run as he subject to be executed. From his past, we see that he was in trouble for making a fully independent curse corpse, which was Panda. On another occasion, he made a curse corpse of Atsuya's nephew, since his sister is unable to move on without him. In the present, Yoshinobu and a mysterious man corner him in a dark street and execute him. Panda would arrive late and mourns the loss of his "father."

Plot Details

In a past flashback, Masamichi is seen sitting in a cell with his hands wrapped in talismans. Yoshinobu asked him about Panda and how it's possible for artificial corpse to operate independently to greater degree than other curse techniques. He also notes that they consume curse energy form the sorcerer as a power source, but Panda's curse energy seems to be coming from himself and is self-sustaining. Currently the higher-ups are trying to designate Masamichi as a special-grade curse user and officially place an indefinite restraint on him because if he intentionally make those, he could make an army. Yoshinobu asks once again if he know how Panda was made, which Masamichi replies no.

In the present, Masamichi sits on the log in the woods alongside cursed corpse Takeru. The corpse says that everyone is worried about him because he looks gloomy and they wanted to cheer him up. Takeru asks "aren't I a genius" and Masamichi replies yes and gently rubs his head. Masamichi says that Takeru should tell everyone that he's going on a long outing and won't be back for a while. He tells him not worry for Tengen's barrier will protect this forest and that his mother will come to visit again. Even without him, they will be fine, he adds on. At the base of a tree, he opens a door to reveal more curse corpses inside and he says that he will miss them all. In the isolation room, Atsuya cuts the rope that's restraining Panda. Panda asks if this is okay, and Atsuya instructs him not to say anything about this because Panda was used as bait to lure out Masamichi. He also says that he owes him.

In another flashback, Atsuya is seen meeting with Masamichi alongside his younger sister in a wheelchair. According to Atsuya, his younger sister is unable to move beyond the past without Takeru's support. Masamichi unveils a cursed corpse he created with Atsuya Kusakabe's nephew’s information. Atsuya's sister jumps out of her chair and rushes to hug Takeru the moment he says "aren't I a genius," reminiscing on his supposed catchphrase when he was alive. Masamichi states that he hates doing this and Atsuya understands that he must keep quiet about the existence of fully independent curse corpses and that he can no longer live with his sister. Atsuya turns away, but states that he's truly grateful for Masamichi's work.

Back in the present, late at night, Masamichi is met with a mysterious man perched on a lamppost, who asks where he's going, and he replies he going to see his son. The mysterious man states that he has a death sentence and the only way to save him is reveal how to make independent curse corpses. Masamichi says that he's gotten comfortable with Satoru Gojo being sealed away. The man agrees, especially since he's with a veteran sorcerer, and Yoshinobu appears from a dark alleyway with his guitar slings around his neck. Shorty afterwards, Masamichi is seen slouched on a fence with an X-shaped patch of blood on his shirt. Yoshinobu relieves the mysterious man of his duties, and he quickly vanishes.

As Yoshinobu walks away, Masamichi says that you can replicate soul information from physical information and then have that inputted into corpses. He goes on saying that's it's not enough and must require three highly compatible cores in one core to monitor each other. Only that will stabilize the souls and give rise to self-awareness. In three months time, the corpse will achieve self sustaining curse energy. Yoshinobu is shocked to why Masamichi is telling him now and why he didn't try to live. Masamichi replies that "it's a curse. A curse from me to you."

Panda is seen rushing to the scene and arrives to see Masamichi lying quietly on the ground. Panda walks over and Yoshinobu, thinking that Panda wants to fight, throws down his guitar and assumes a defensive stance, but Panda simply passes him. Yoshinobu asks him why he doesn’t attack, assuming Panda would hate him. Panda says that human behaviors do not bind pandas. On top of that, Panda suspects that he's only acting under orders from the higher-ups as he and Masamichi weren't on bad terms. Panda tells him, "even pandas cry" as he mourns the death of his "father." Moths are seen swarming around the aforementioned lamppost, one dead on the ground.

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