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That Place (あの場所 (ばしょ) Ano Basho?) is the one hundred and forty fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


After reuniting, the group go to locate Master Tengen in order to find about Noritoshi Kamo's motives and how to free Gojo from the Prison Realm. With Choso help, they were able to get through Tengen's barrier and arrive at the Tomb of the Star Corridor, where they greeted by a mysterious being.

Plot Details

Where we left off, Megumi tells Yuji that Noritoshi Kamo has made plans for those involved in jujutsu to face off in a Culling Game, which also include his sister Tsumiki and he need his help. Yuji both him and Yuta that Sukuna has made plans involving Megumi. Yuji suspects that he took over during the Shibuya incident after ingesting 10 fingers in one go. Yuji doubts that Sukuna will take control even if he ingests the remaining five, but tells them both to kill him if he ever switches again. Yuta states he'll do what he can, and Yuji asks what they'll do now. Megumi states that they will head back to Jujutsu High in order to contact Master Tengen. They must learn how to free Gojo from the prison realm and Noritoshi's motives. Yuji wonders if Yuki knows but Megumi states that this is her idea and that she's been hiding at the school to avoid the higher-ups. Yuta states that the problem is that Tengen's concealing barrier makes it impossible for them to find the door that leads to the Tomb of the Star Corridor where they reside.

Yuji asks Megumi about Nobara and after a brief silence leads him to a conclusion. Choso appears from the shadows inquiring them about a way through the barrier, surprising Megumi in the process. He references how Mahito managed to get through the barrier to steal Sukuna's fingers and saying that they could do the same. Then set off and get to campus and enter a basement, where they meet Yuki Tsukomo and Maki Zenin. Yuta walks up to her and asks if it's okay to move around. Tsukumo states that her physical strength from Heavenly Restriction allowed her to survive her encounter with Jogo, though her scars remain permanent. Maki states that she wasn't aiming for it. Now that they convened, Choso explains how he still has a connection with his brothers and sisters stored at the school's cursed warehouse. This might allow them to get past the barrier, which pleases Tsukumo. Although Maki is on board with this plan, she asks about Choso, and Yuji tells her to think of him as his older brother, shocking Choso.

Down a hallways, they open a set of door that lead to a woodland area. Deep inside, they go to an elevator that goes down to the tomb. Once at the bottom, they enter a large space and find blood stains on the ground, referencing to the battle with Geto, Gojo, and Toji Fushiguro eleven years ago. They enter another corridor that leads to the main shrine and arrive in a large, white space. Tsukumo believed that the shrine was rejecting them. She thought that contacting Tengen would be possible with the Six Eyes being sealed off, but guessed it was too optimistic. Just as they were about to leave, a mysterious being appears, welcoming "the child or Zenin," "Michizane's descendent," "Death Womb Painting," and "Sukuna's vessel."

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