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A Big Brother's Back ( (にい) ちゃんの () (なか) Onīchan no Senaka?) is the one hundred and forty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Despite Yuji's execution having already been carried out, the fight between Naoya and Choso continues! The would-be heir to the Zenin clan and the death painting clash not only physically, but in their ideals as well. When Naoya questions his opponent's toughness, Choso proves that his duty as the oldest of ten brothers is what gives him strength.

Plot Details

After Choso says that he's the oldest of ten siblings, Naoya clarifies that he's asking about his cursed technique and toughness, suddenly disappearing from Choso's view. Choso notices a blur beside him and quickly turns to face the incredibly fast Naoya, who realizes that Choso has focused Flowing Red Scale in the muscles of his eyes to raise their sharpness so that he can adjust to his speed.

Naoya figures out a way to bypass Choso's toughness.

However, Naoya easily counters Choso's counter, striking him in the midsection and saying that he always assumes that he will counter. As Choso recovers from the strike, blood suddenly begins to pour from an open wound, and Naoya reveals that he decided to use a knife to affect his Blood Manipulation, asking him how long he can fight in that condition.

Choso commends his plan, and Naoya talks about how sorcerers should keep any weapons hidden since it isn't cool. He adds that many do carry them around and are dependent on them, saying that the way in which his older brothers show off their weapons is pathetic and wondering how they could complain about Toji.

Choso turns his excessive bleeding into an advantage.

Choso mentions Naoya's dislike for his brothers, and Naoya says that older brothers who are weaker than their younger brothers should just hang themselves and die since they're pointless. Choso replies that Naoya may be the way he is because of his brothers, and Naoya scoffs at Choso's cliché reasoning.

Choso continues by saying that regardless of their strength, older brothers are role models and give their younger brothers the chance to avoid the mistakes that they themselves made or to follow behind them if they go down the right path. He asks Naoya to consider the possibility that he is strong only because his older brothers are weak. He then reveals that he is strong because he had no one older to guide him, forcing him to face his own mistakes and continue walking ahead of his younger brothers.

"Sorry, but you didn't love your brothers... and I can't understand that."

As the blood from Choso's wound pools at his feet and begins to billow away from him, Naoya backs away and wonders how he can survive after so much blood loss. It's stated that Death Paintings have blood mixed from cursed spirits and humans, allowing them not to die of blood loss since they can convert cursed energy into blood.

Choso raises the wall of blood and causes Naoya to lose sight of them. A slow Slicing Exorcism attack comes out of the blood, and Naoya easily ducks below it, guessing that Choso is finally dying from blood loss. However, Choso suddenly appears several feet to his left and fires a Piercing Blood shot, which Naoya barely dodges and understands he can't have touch him.

Choso's victory is soured when Yuta suddenly reappears.

With the wall of blood still flowing toward him, Naoya barely blocks a kick from Choso and finds that some of the blood has stained his hakama. He says to himself that his legs suddenly feel heavy, worrying that the blood is affecting him. Choso prepares to fire another Piercing Blood shot as blood hovers around him, telling Naoya that he knows what comes next and that it's checkmate.

Yuta knocks the Death Painting out cold.

Naoya remains confident in his cursed technique and tells himself that he can still move despite the binding affect from the blood. He tells Choso to go ahead and fire, but as he dashes toward him, he wonders why Choso isn't releasing the attack. It's then stated that the move Choso would use was his own, created after he honed his technique for 150 years. Choso releases a Supernova attack, causing the large orb of blood to shoot out in several directions and strike Naoya's body.

Choso apologizes and says that he can't understand why Naoya didn't love his brothers. Behind Choso, Yuta suddenly appears dragging an unconscious Yuji by his hoodie. Choso tries to react, but Yuta repeatedly strikes him in the face and knocks him to the ground. As Naoya looks up, Yuta says that he seems to be hurt.

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