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The Front of The Back (うしろのしょうめん Ushiro no Shōmen?) is the one hundred and forty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Reminded of Nanami's last words to him, Yuji refuses die just yet and continues to resist his execution. However, Yuta unleashes his uncanny abilities to get the job done, revealing a new "Rika". Meanwhile, Choso continues to clash with Naoya but struggles against his overwhelming speed.

Plot Details

Yuta continues his relentless attacks.

Yuta stays on the offensive with his katana, and although Yuji dodges most of his strikes, one of them grazes his cheek and opens up a cut. He realizes that he needs to do something about Yuta's katana, remembering his fight against Jiro Awasaka and reminding himself that even though he doesn't need to fear blades if he reinforces his body with cursed energy, he can't underestimate someone like Yuta. As he dashes toward a large SUV and jumps inside the open window, he spots a knife on the seat and quickly picks it up before jumping out through the opposite window.

Yuji manages to break his opponent's weapon.

Yuta leaps over the hood and attacks with his katana, but Yuji uses the survival knife to block the strike. Yuta is taken aback at first and wonders where he got it, but quickly realizes that it must have been inside the SUV. He tells himself that if it isn't a cursed tool, he doesn't need to be worried about it. Yuji lunges forward and tells himself to close the gap after imbuing the knife with cursed energy. He then remembers Gojo's words about not relying on cursed tools to the detriment of cursed energy control, adding that he isn't ready for it yet (and that Slaughter Demon is for emergencies).

"What's going on here?"

As the two clash, Yuji knows that he hasn't learned how to fight this way and Yuta tells him that he is focusing too much on his katana, suddenly raising it above his head and kicking Yuji in the stomach. Yuji can't believe the power of his kick, but even though he quickly recovers, Yuta's next strike breaks Yuji's knife and cuts his midsection. However, as Yuta's katana is lodged in the ground, Yuji pins it down and breaks the blade with his foot. Yuta is surprised at first, but reminds himself that he is Gojo's student, saying aloud that the fight wasn't going to be easy.

Yuta executes Sukuna's vessel.

Although Yuji's wound is deep, he tells himself that his vitals are intact and that both of them are unarmed now. But as he moves forward to strike, a large creature suddenly appears behind him and puts both its hands around his head. Yuji is frozen with fear, and Yuta tells Rika that the two were just playing. Yuji doesn't know what to make of the name and wonders if it's a shikigami, telling himself that he can't move because it's too strong. Yuta tells Rika to hold Yuji still and calmly stabs him in the chest with the broken katana. As blood drips from Yuji's mouth, Yuta looks him in the eyes and apologizes. Sukuna is taken aback at first, but soon puts on a smile.

Naoya overpowers Choso.

Back in the underpass, Choso struggles to keep up with the speed of Naoya, who uses his Projection Sorcery and follows it up with a hard punch to Choso's midsection. Reeling from the attack, Choso tells himself that he has no clue what kind of cursed technique Naoya is using and that he most likely won't reveal it since he's winning so easily. Naoya continues to overwhelm with strikes, and Choso says that Convergence isn't an option since he can't even control the blood outside his body. Naoya compliments him on his toughness and asks who he is. Choso confidently says that he is the oldest of ten siblings and suddenly uses Flowing Red Scale: Stack, changing the markings on his face and causing new ones to appear.

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  • This is the third chapter to have its Japanese title written entirely in Hiragana without using a single Kanji, the first one being Chapter 27 and the second one being Chapter 64.